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Object Oriented Programming (CS) VU CSHandouts Last Updated: 20/ 08 Object Oriented Programming (CS) VU LECTURE NO Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Download. Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Uploaded by. B. Moeen Ali. CS Complete Handouts 1 to 45 lectures in signle pdf file.

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To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Derived class will not exhibit the behaviour of base class but it is overriding behaviour of base class with its own behaviour Overriding A class may need to override the default behaviour provided by its base class Derived class overrides the behaviour of its base class.

Binary Search Handoutss 1 The general binary tree shown in the previous chapter is not terribly useful in practice. Class Example 1 Consider the objects given below, Ali studies mathematics Anam studies physics Sohail studies chemistry Each one is a Student so we say these objects are instances of the Student class. Data Analysis 1 Unit 2.

cs30 Inheritance is considered class association. Usually an object provides services to several other objects. Class Association Class association is implemented in terms of Inheritance.

Entity-Relationship Model Database Modeling Part 1 A conceptual data model, which is a representation of the structure of a database that is independent of the software that will be used to implement.

Represent a user-created or defined data type a. Problems with Multiple Inheritance Increased complexity Amphibious vehicle hierarchy is a complicated as this class is derived from two classes that will make code more complex and less understandable however this is obvious as amphibious vehicle is a complicated vehicle.


Object Oriented Programming (CS304) CS304-Handouts. Virtual University of Pakistan 1

Created by Sun Microsystems. It is easier to develop programs using Object Oriented Programming because it is closer to real life.

One-way Association In One way association we can navigate along a single direction only, it is denoted by an arrow towards the server object. Reading keyboard Input using class Scanner. Abstraction is a way to cope with complexity and it is used to simplify things.

In object oriented model, objects interact with each other in order to perform some useful work, while modeling these objects entities is done using the association. Reduced understanding Due to increased complexity of class hierarchy the object model hsndouts difficult it understand especially for someone who is looking it first time.

Subtyping and generalization habdouts related concepts, Subtyping extension and generalization is a way to look same thing in two ways. The Software Development Life Cycle: Object-Oriented Programming and Classes Ch The number and kind of messages that can be sent to an object depends upon its interface Examples Messages A Person sends message stimulus stop to a Car by applying brakes A Person sends message place call to a Phone by pressing appropriate button Summary Hanvouts hiding is achieved through encapsulation.

Net Technologies Duration of Course: Because of growing complexity! This relationship ensures that public members of base class are available to derived class in case of public inheritance. Oyelami Olufemi More information.


Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Virtual University of Pakistan 1 – PDF

Different objects may need different functions of an object so interface of an object may be different for different objects. Capture only those details about an object that are relevant to current perspective Abstraction Example: Last time Dynamic compilation Today Introduction to compiling object oriented languages What are the issues?

It is the weakest link between objects. Henry Ray 2 years ago Views: Java Interview Questions and Answers 1. Override eat method in Mermaid class b.

How do we deal with it? How can handoutts programs make problem solving easier and more efficient? We need models to understand an aspect of reality. We can haneouts information hiding using Encapsulation and Abstraction, so we see these two concepts in detail now, Encapsulation Encapsulation means we have enclosed all the characteristics of an object in the object itself Encapsulation and information hiding are much related concepts information hiding is achieved using Encapsulation We have seen in previous lecture that object characteristics include data members and behavior of the object in the form of functions.

What are the various members of a class?