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THE CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE, (Act No. 5 of ). An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the procedure of the Courts of Civil. Code of Civil Procedure THIRD SCHEDULE: Execution of Decrees by Collectors- Repealed by the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, ]. Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, Code Of Civil Procedure, Index. ( RELEVANT SECTIONS). PRELIMINARY. Section Pecuniary jurisdiction.

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Adjournment or stoppage of sale Sale of immoveable property Rule Provided that in respect of cases arising out of original suits or other proceedings of any valuation, decided by the District Court, the High Court alone shall be competent to make 11908 order under this section:. Form of notice Rule Notice to admit facts Rule The doctrine of res judicata creats a different kind of estoppel viz.

Civil Procedure Code (CPC) – Indian laws Bare Acts

Power for State Government to make rules as to sales of land in execution of decrees for payment of money. Rules so made and 1 [approved] shall be abre in the 2 [Official Gazette] and shall from the date of publication or from such other date as may be specified have the same force and effect, within the local limits of the jurisdiction of the High Court which made them, as if they had been contained in the First Schedule.

When foreign States may use. Constitution of Rule Committees. Sub-section 3 omitted by Act 66 ofsec. Section 14 – Presumption as to foreign judgments.

A foreign judgment shall be conclusive as to any matter thereby directly adjudicated upon between the same parties or between parties under whom they or any of them claim litigating under the same title except.

Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908

Provisions of Third Schedule to apply. Discovery by interrogatories Rule Joinder of causes of action Rule Rules made under the foregoing provisions shall be subject to the previous approval of the Government of the State in which the Court whose procedure the rules regulate is situate or, if that Court is not situate in any State, to the previous approval of 2 [Central Government].


Where a suit is for compensation for wrong done to the person or to movable property, if the wrong was done within the local limits of the jurisdiction of one Hare and the defendant resides, or carries on business, or baree works for gain, baee the local limits of the jurisdiction of another Court, the suit may be instituted at the option of the plaintiff in either of the said Courts. Suits against diplomatic agents.

The Court may compel the vare of any person to whom a summons has been issued under section 30 and for that purpose may. Save as provided in sections 24, 38 to 41, 75, clauses ab and c76 1 [77, and ], and by the Presidency Sct Cause Courts Act,15 of the provisions in the body of this Code shall not extend to any suit or proceedings in any Court of Small Causes established in the towns of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay: Application of the Order Rule Enforcement of decree against legal representative.

Oral examination of party, or cpcc of party Rule Property liable to attachment and sale in execution of decree. When foreign States may sue. Execution of decrees passed by Courts in reciprocating territory Section Power to prescribe rules for transferring to Collector execution of certain decrees. LVI of to Ordinance No.

Code of Civil Procedure, (Act No. V of ).

Save in so far as is otherwise expressly provided, nothing herein contained shall operate to give any Court jurisdiction over suits the amount or value of the subject-matter of which exceeds the pecuniary limits if any of its ordinary jurisdiction. Service of foreign summonses Section Gowramma, AIR Kant Section 62 – Seizure of property in dwelling-house.

Cpv – Orders and notices to be in writing.

Style of Rulers as parties to suits. Costs for causing delay. An Act to zct and amend the laws relating to the procedure of the Courts of Civil Judicature.


When foreign bar not conclusive. Section 85 – Persons specially appointed by Government to prosecute or defend on behalf of foreign Rulers. Section 42 – Powers of Court in executing transferred decree.

Orders and notices to be in writing. Section 60 – Property liable to attachment and sale in execution of decree.

Commissions for scientific investigation, performance of ministerial act and sale of movable property. In some one sued Kanpur Development Barr successors of Dev Board kanpur for a compensation against alleged demolishion of boundary wall.

Power of Court to issue commissions Section I wrote back on the same date that my resignation was given in anguish and i withdraw the same and I may be allowed to join but authorities did not allow me to join on the same authorities accepted the resignation dated Definition of Court which passed a decree.

Seizure of property in dwelling-house. Orders and notices to be in writing. Can an application under order 39 Rule 2A be filed against non-party if yes details of circumstances where it can be done. No suit shall lie bars the validity of a decree passed in a former suit between the same parties, or between the parties under whom they or any of them claim, litigating under the same title, on any ground based on an objection 19008 to the place of suing. Any such application shall be heard and disposed of 19008 the court as expeditiously as possible and shall not in any case be adjourned to the hearing of the suit.

Execution of decrees passed by Civil Fpc in places to which this Code does not extend. Once application under O. Section 90 – Power to state case for opinion of Court.