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Memorabilia is a collection of Socratic dialogues by Xenophon, a student of Socrates. . Xenophon, “Memoirs of Socrates,” in Conversations of Socrates, translated by Hugh Tredennick and Robin Waterfield, edited with new material by Robin. Xenophon’s portrait is the only one other than Plato’s to survive, and while it offers a very personal interpretation of Socratic thought, it also reveals much about. Xenophon of Athens ( BC) was an ancient Greek associate of Socrates, the great philosopher. Socrates wrote none of his own thoughts and activities.

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Thus with the good, we are to good inclined. Xenophon’s portrayal of Socrates was influential in antiquity, and helps us understand how various schools of ancient thought made use of Socrates. It has xenophkn dialogues between Xenophon’s imaginary personages expounding on Spcrates questions. He dispenses wisdom — and often that wisdom is a bit too much like Dr Phil. Chapter 4, The Estate-Manager. It gets to touch the way you analyse things and that you deal with others in a day to day.

Conversations of Socrates Summary & Study Guide

All in all, I am thankful for having read this book, as it allowed me to develop a more critical and ordered thinking. You can xenophin this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: The book contains cenophon chapters to each book. You submitted the following rating and review. It robs them of leisure to apply themselves to things profitable, while it drowns them in sensual pleasures; and it seizes their minds to that degree that, though they often know which is the best way, they are miserably engaged in the worst.

It is still of interest because, like Socrates, Xenophon was clearly of the oligarchical party and thought the ph Socrates is by no means the exclusive property of Plato: Conversations of Socrates by Xenophon. I have often wondered how much the Socrates in history was like the Socrates in the Dialogues — how much was he a creation of Plato. For instance, in convesations discussion, he talks a man into providing for his crowds of female relatives by putting them to work making textiles.

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Wikiquote has quotations related to: This really does not come across in any of the works here. But they who are ignorant of things they should know, ought only to be instructed by those that understand them – Employment and business are useful and honourable to men, and idleness is an evil – Know that a beautiful person is a more dangerous animal than scorpions, because these cannot wound unless they touch us, but beauty strikes at a distance – Who, then, can take delight in the company of him who has no other diversion than eating and drinking, and who is better pleased with the conversation of a prostitute than of his friends?


Unfortunately I cannot detach this book from the translators’ skew. Xenophon’s Cyrus the Great. Socrates’ negativity opened up different avenues for interpreting or thinking the simply positive or posited.

Xenophon’s Socrates is more of a moralized than Plato’s, but this most likely tells us more about Xenophon than about Socrates.

It is amusing to think that there are essentially three writers extant who knew and wrote about Socrates and each has such a remarkably different opinion of him — everything from fool through to genius.

Along with ‘The Estate-Manager’, a practical economic treatise, and ‘The Socratee, a sparkling exploration of love, Xenophon’s dialogues offer fascinating insights into the Socratic world and into the intellectual atmosphere and daily life of ancient Greece.

Conversations of Socrates by Xenophon

He is neither as great a historian as Thucydides, nor as great a philosopher as Plato though we will find philosophy wherever we look in Xenophonnor as outstanding a writer as either of xenophoh two.

This was particularly true of the last of if works here — The Estate Manager. The Memorable Thoughts of Socrates. Who would trust your word? Throughout Memoirs of SocratesXenophon makes a point to say how the conversations came up. To xemophon honest, I think I enjoyed the introductions to these four works more than the works themselves.

But by and large, both Plato and Xenophon characterize Socrates as the great mind who criticized the Athenian social and political system. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points!

Of all the works here, The Dinner Party was probably the best. Xenophon’s Socrates is a just another martyred moral teacher who could easily be thrown into the same file drawer of collective human memory with numerous prophets, teachers, and historical figures who inspired any minor cultural change.

Hard to imagine her getting that opportunity if her father had been a Neo-Xenophonian. All the same – Xenophon’s treatment of women was much better than, say, Hegel’s or so many other philosophers. That’s one thing that is unquestionably constant. Thus, when he sees his army well provided with all things, and in a condition that seems to promise a good success, he will give his enemies battle; but when he wants anything he will avoid coming to an engagement with them.


Conversations of Socrates Summary & Study Guide

In ‘Socrates’ Defence’ Xenophon defends his mentor against charges of arrogance made at his trial, while the ‘Memoirs of Socrates’ also starts with an impassioned plea for the rehabilitation of a wronged reputation.

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Sometimes I feel that they extended a little too much but all in all, these chapters gave a clear view of life in Greece in those times, Socrates’ train of thought and so on. Xenophon displays only the positive side of what we know of Socrates’ thought – his ideas on recollection and self-discipline, for example. The lengthiest and most famous of Xenophon ‘s Socratic writings, the Memorabilia is essentially an apologia defense of Socratesdiffering from both Xenophon’s Apology of Socrates to the Jury and Plato’s Apology mainly in that the Apologies present Socrates as defending himself before the jury, whereas the former presents Xenophon’s own defense of Socrates, offering edifying examples of Socrates’ conversations and activities along with occasional commentary from Xenophon.

However, looked at socio-politically there tends to be more of a coalescence. Others have written on this as well. The role of Polycrates is one item in the debate over whether Xenophon’s treatment of Socrates reflects the historical Socrates, or is a largely fictional contribution socrtaes the literary debate about Socrates. There are unavoidable punishments annexed to this crime – Temperance is a great advantage to such as desire to do anything that conversatjons excellent – To do good is to be free, and that to be prevented from doing it, by any obstacle whatever, is not to be free?

Xenophon mentions more than once that Socrates thought that those kinds of speculations were vain and frivolous; even going so far as to make Anaxagoras a byword for that kind of frivolity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Many consider the book largely fictionalized, as some of its historical xenopuon can be clearly proven.