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CatEye CC-MT [Mity 2] • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Following pdf manuals are available: cat-eye cc-mt mity 2 User Manual. CatEye product manuals for the entire line of CatEye cycle computers, headlights , safety lights and accessories online support at

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Auto Mode Symbol F. Moves between wheel circumference A and B. Mity 8 owner’s manual.

C Enduro owner’s manual Mity 2 owner’s manual Battery: C Enduro 2 owner’s manual Mity 3 owner’s manual Battery: Lower Display Selected Function H. Refer to the “Installation Manual”.

Product Support

Press “MODE” right button to enter “odometer setting” mode. For the most accurate settings, do this roll-out.

Small picture of a bicycle in upper right indicates that unit is running. The wheel calibration number will be displayed with the first two digits flashing. Mx moves up as Main Display. Power Saving Function When the main unit does not receive a signal, or a button has not been pressed for minutes, the power supply is shut down and the main unit will only display the clock.

Is there anything on the mify of the main unit or of manaul bracket?

  BWILC 2010 PDF

Input wheel circumference A. With manial press of S button, Mx data shifts to the upper display. Wheel circumference setting is the actual distance in centimeters on the ground of one wheel revolution measures. If these buttons are further held down for more than 3 seconds, the wheel circumference moves between A or B.

Display will show default wheel calibration number Maximum speed function is cancelled by use of cadence function.

To switch wheel size setting “A” or “B”: In TmAv and Dst 1, 2 display. With the press of S button, Tm data shifts to the upper display. This also turns recording of trip distance and average speed on or off. Astrale 8 CC-CD owner’s manual. When the average speed is zero, or when in the stop state, no pacer symbol appears. Press AC button on bottom of unit. Not the same csteye manuals for other Cordless and Wireless models!

Press S or SET button to fix it.

Cateye Computers

Pressing the “MODE” button will cycle the computer through the modes: Push all three buttons at once and hold for at least two seconds. With reset operation, it returns to zero.

When Av or Mx data is shifted to the upper display, Spd shifts to the lower display. Hold down 2 careye. Note, all data will be lost. All displays illuminate, and then ” K ” symbol flashes.


Cateye mity2 manual – Bike Forums

In other modes, you may press the “SET” button for two seconds at the same time to switch between “A” and “B” values. To set the clock time Cycle through the modes until Tm or the clock is displayed.

Cordless 7 owner’s manual. When unit is in “stop” state, neither trip mileage nor total mileage is recorded, but speed and maximum speed functions work. If the elapsed time exceeds 27 hours or Dst1 exceeds To change reading between miles and kilometers, appropriate wheel calibration number must be entered. F Kosmos owner’s manual Battery: The hour display will flash and can be changed using the “MODE” button, more quickly if you hold the button down.

F ATC owner’s manual Battery: The trip distance from start to current point is displayed.