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Basic information. Brand, Caterpillar MD. Category, wheel excavator. Serial Number, J5B Unit Number, UX Catalog Number, CU Engine Model, Cat® C with ACERT™ Technology. Net Power, kW, hp. Gross Power, kW, hp. Bore, mm, in. Stroke, Find Used and New Caterpillar md Wheeled excavators For Sale amongst an extensive inventory of 3 listings on MachineryZone.

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Please try again cateripllar. The front parts automatically follow the hammer while penetrating the rock. An optional Machine Security System is available from the factory.

The stick regeneration circuit increases efficiency and helps increase controllability for higher productivity and lower operating costs. Max Reach Along Ground. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity. J Max Loading Height. Designed for maximum flexibility to keep production high on all jobs.

This equipment substantially limits the amount of vibration and noise released. The pulverizers enable fine crushing of concrete blocks at source. Thanks to its single basic housing design, the Multi-Processor series of hydraulic demolition equipment makes it possible to use a range of jaw sets that can handle any demolition job.

Caterpillar M315D Mobile Excavator

Front and Rear Outriggers 1. Monitor The new compact color monitor displays information in local language that is easy to read and understand. Two-way pedals for travel and auxiliary circuits provide increased floor space, reducing the need to change positions.


The hydraulic concrete crusher combines several concrete demolition operations in one piece of equipment: Joystick Steering The unique joystick steering option enables an operator to reposition the machine while traveling in first gear by the use of the slider switch on the right joystick. Quick Couplers Quick Couplers enable the operator to simply release one work tool and connect to another, making your hydraulic excavator highly versatile. A dedicated variable displacement piston pump and fixed displacement piston motor power the swing drive.

Secondary Pulverizer Non-rotating hydraulic pulverizer reduces concrete and separates rebar. Water cannot splash up on the windscreen or cooler.

The Orange Peel Grapple is constructed of high-strength, wear-resistant steel, with a low and compact design that makes it ideal for dump clearance.

The operator can choose the best power setting for both engine and hydraulic power versus fuel efficiency. Rear – Dozer, Front Outriggers 2. Truck Loading Loading trucks from a bench is more productive and fuel efficient as the return cycle is reduced while the boom down function does not require pump flow.

A wide variety of Work Tools help optimize machine performance.

Caterpillar MD – Van Wijk Machinery

Sticks Three different stick lengths are offered to match different application requirements: Cat engine oil is formulated to optimize engine life and performance. The parallel wiper system maximizes visibility in poor weather conditions. Using our powerful hydraulic concrete pulverizers means you can handle virtually any demolition and reduction job with confidence. Maximum Pressure – Implement Circuit – Normal.


Undercarriage and axle design provides maximum strength, flexibility and mobility on wheels. This design allows the falling object guards to be bolted directly to the cab.

Crushers The hydraulic concrete crusher has taken modern demolition technology a step further. Extended Service Intervals The D Series Wheel Excavator service and maintenance intervals have been extended to reduce machine service time, increase machine availability and reduce operating costs.

Used for demolishing steel structures and preparing bulk scrap such as cars, farm machinery and railroad cars for further processing. Rear – Dozer, Front Outriggers 1.

M315D Wheel Excavator

The front compartment hood can be opened vertically, providing outstanding ground level access to the batteries, air-to-air aftercooler, air conditioner condenser and the air cleaner filter. Your experience on our website is our priority.

Working and Travel Modes There are 2 selectable working modes and one automatic travel setting. I Max Cutting Height. G Height to Top of Cab.