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Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics, pp, ISBN Non- Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Turbulence, ich and K. Cardy, John L. Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics. John L. Cardy (Oxford U.) Keyword(s): INSPIRE: book | statistical. Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics – Cardy, John L. Cambridge, UK : Univ. Pr. () p. (Cambridge lecture notes in physics: 3).

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Status of background-independent coarse-graining in tensor models for quantum gravity – Eichhorn, Astrid et al. Analysis of a spin system with quenched disorder using the space-time renormalization group – Rothe, Andreas.

Geometry of the theory space in the exact renormalization group formalism – Pagani, C. Non—perturbative aspects of physics beyond the Standard Model – Rinaldi, Enrico. Peter GoddardJulia Yeomans. Scaling dimensions of higher-charge monopoles at deconfined critical points – Sreejith, G J et al. How to locate the QCD phase boundary renormalizatioj scanning observable in the phase plane – Zhang, Yanhua et al.

The Random-Bond Ising Model in 2. D86 arXiv: Kibble-Zurek scaling in holography – Natsuume, Scaljng et al. The book closes with an appendix on Gaussian integration, a selected bibliography, and a detailed index.

On holographic disorder-driven metal-insulator transitions – Baggioli, Matteo et al.

Uncovering renormalziation structure of super conformal field theories – Liendo, Pedro. This text provides a thoroughly modern graduate-level introduction to the theory of critical behavior.


John Cardy

Emergent Friedmann dynamics with a quantum bounce from quantum gravity condensates – Oriti, Daniele et al. Cambridge lecture notes in physics: The renormalization group idea. Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics – Cardy, John L. Random matrix approaches to open quantum systems – Schomerus, Henning arXiv: A94 arXiv: Account Options Sign in.

Non-equilibrium aspects of the holographic duality – Camilo da Silva, Giancarlo Thales. Selected pages Title Page. Multipartite entanglement and quantum Fisher information in conformal field theories – Rajabpour, M.

Influence of finite volume and magnetic field effects on the QCD phase diagram – Magdy, Niseem et al. Theory of the vortex-clustering transition in a confined two-dimensional quantum fluid – Yu, Xiaoquan et al.

Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics – John Cardy – Google Books

Disorder in holographic field theories: Coarse-Graining without Structure – Singh, Ashmeet et al. Kinetic theory of non-thermal fixed points in a Bose gas – Chantesana, Isara et al.

B arXiv: Universality class of the two-dimensional polymer collapse transition – Nahum, Adam Phys. Holographic Three point Functions – Bissi, Agnese. Non-Abelian topological phases in three spatial dimensions from coupled wires – Iadecola, Thomas et al. Sae Mulli 63 no. This site is also available in the following languages: Teaching renormalization, scaling, and universality with an example from quantum mechanics – Paik, Steve T. Comment on “A structural test for the conformal invariance of the critical 3d Ising model” by S.


Strange metal from local quantum chaos – Ben-Zion, Daniel et al. Long-range critical exponents near the short-range crossover – Behan, Connor et al. Anomalous dimensions on the lattice – Giedt, Joel Int. Holographic superfluid flows with a localized repulsive potential – Ishibashi, Akihiro et al.

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Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics – INSPIRE-HEP

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Many problems are included. Lawler No preview available – Foundations and applications – Ammon, Martin et al. A42 arXiv: Cambridge University PressApr 26, – Science – pages. Simulating quantum matter through statistival field theories – Hayward Sierens, Lauren Elizabeth.