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Hidrolisis Media Sisa Budidaya Jamur Kuping Menggunakan Tiga Jenis Enzim Selulase. Evaluation of waste mushroom medium from cultivation of shiitake. Shiitake cultivation on sawdust: Evaluation of selected genotypes for biological Budidaya jamur perusak kayu I. Pengaruh penambahan dedak terhadap. Aneka olahan jamur Shiitake Penanaman Potensi Bisnis? Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Mushroom Potensi bisnis jamur shiitake sangat bagus, hal.

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Spent oyster mushroom substrate in a mix with organic soil for plant pot cultivation. Springer-Verlag Berlin Hideno A, Aoyagi H, Isobe S, Tanaka H Utilization of spent sawdust matrix after cultivation of Grifola frondosa as substrate for ethanol production by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation. Cancer cure-Scientific antitumor Research Data T.

Effect of spawn run time and substrate nutrition on yield and size of shiitake mushroom. Subsequently made briquette-making machines followed by training briquette making.

Agro No 1, Bulaksumur, Sleman Telp. The average Biological Efficiency BE of entire treatments was Shiitzke Username Password Remember me.

Article Metrics Abstract views: Canada Department of Agriculture Publication Number Alat Artikel Cetak Artikel ini.

Gajah Mada University Press P. Effects of lignin and surfactant on adsorption and hydrolysis of cellulases on cellulose.

Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

Utilization of spent sawdust matrix after cultivation of Grifola frondosa as substrate for ethanol production by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation. Quality properties of pelletised sawdust, logging residues and bark. Enzymes in biomass conversion. Email this article Login required. Food Science and Technology Research budjdaya Cellulose Chemistry and Technology Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Airlangga L.


Hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials for ethanol production: The highest yield was obtained from rubberwood sawdust mixed with ZA Outcome of these activities was briquette-making machines that can be used by all members of the society as well as knowledge about the process of making briquettes.

Bioactive substance and Medical Effects.

Mushroom culture on enriched composted sawdust. Cultivation of the edible mushroom Auricularia polytricha using sawdust based substrate made of three Indonesian commercial plantation species, Falcataria moluccana, Shorea sp.

Cellulose Chemistry and Technology Japan Antibiotics Research Association K. About The Author Denny Irawati https: Lentinus edodesmycelliumliquid culture mediumlocal natural sources.

Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Airlangga A. Parjimo H, Andoko A. This pollutes the environmental pollution due to discharge of methane into the air.

This study used the residual media of the cultivation of mushroom derived from three types of wood, i. Physiological and taxonomic considerations for cultivation of Pleurotus mushrooms.

Analisis Pertumbuhan Miselia Jamur Shiitake (Lentinus edodes).

The highest reducing sugar content yield were also resulted from the combination of the same treatment, which amounted to Jamur kuping, jamur tiram dan jamur merang. Akamatsu Y Reutilization of culture wastes of Pleurotus ostreatus and Pholiota nameko for cultivation of Lyophyllum decastes. Journal of Wood Science Evaluation of waste mushroom medium from cultivation of shiitake mushroom Lentinula edodes as feedstock of enzymic saccharification.


Article Metrics Abstract views: Shiitake is known as mushroom, which has medical virtue not only in its fruit body but also in its mycellium. How to cite item. Japan Antibiotics Research Association F. Kultur jamur pada substrat serbuk gergaji yang diperkaya.

Growing mycellium in liquid culture medium has a lot of advantages, it can save time and place to grow up and its sterility easily controlled. The substrate was cooled after autoclave sterilization before being inoculated with pure culture of oyster mushroom. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 9: Letters iamur Applied Microbiology.


But the process of baglog making requires a lot of energy in the form of firewood, especially for sterilization process of the baglog. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology Hal ini budidyaa berbahaya karena sisa miselia yang terdapat di dalam media sisa dapat mendegradasi lebih lanjut media dan mengakibatkan pencemaran lingkungan yaitu terlepasnya gas metana ke udara.

Therefore, the utilization of residual ear mushroom media needs to be processed. Therefore, the rest jxmur the media is under utilized and just thrown away as a waste.