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In her chilling third novel, Yovanoff (The Space Between) combines supernatural horrors with others that are all too human. Hannah Wagnor is. Dear Brenna Yovanoff: I read your debut novel, The Replacement, a couple years ago and loved it. I put your sophomore effort, The Space. Review: Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff. Been waiting a long time for this book. Finally got to read it:) It was different from what I thought it.

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It brings out the emotions which I like the best about the writing. Their relationship and interactions didn’t change at all. Anyway – For those expecting this to be a sort of tense supernatural thriller: Though, their romance was a very small aspect of the book.

View all 19 comments. She was meant to be disconnected to the world around her, while trying to separate herself from Lillian and her life before her death.

Paper Valentine

I really love the things that Hannah realises valenine herself and also, about everyone else around her, and mostly, about Lillian. Not by the memory of Lillian, no, but by her ghost. The side characters were well developed. And I was disappointed that it’s not remotely a story about a serial killer.

And suddenly I understand why he keeps touching my cheek. So like I was saying, Hannah was relatively a quite character throughout even though she manages to keep a cogent voice throughout the novel. Paoer for a particular type of book? Quite suspenseful and pretty creepy until all is revealed.


I purchased this copy of Paper Valentine. In the beginning Valentind description of their little clique and the strain in calentine relationship after Lillian’s death reminded me somewhat of Pretty Little Liars. Hannah is joined by a likeable cast of characters: It bugged the hellllll out of me This was I don’t want to say too much about the story because I don’t like giving away spoilers but I will say that I loved it.

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

This one felt like it was written for the younger sid Buddyread with Melissa Same ol story we’ve heard before not that way: It was about loss and hope and how people change, and how you can hang on to a part of yourself while recognizing that some things have to change.

I liked the progression of their relationship. View all 12 comments. D It’s just so so gorgeous: The characters are deep with multiple layers to their personality and a raw edge to their feelings. Then I cross to the bed and sink down onto the rug, pulling the sheet with me. For a book like this, I think it was well done over all.

To ask other readers questions about Paper Valentineplease sign up. I might change my mind. Starting with the writing, I won’t say I disliked it, but I won’t say I liked it either. I didn’t exactly spot it until later on. It was laid back and assured. View all 3 comments. Sure, he might be perceived as a bad boy, and yeah he’s made some mistakes, but that perception haunts him and changes him and he is boxed in by that.

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A Branches Book Dragon Masters Hannah herself is a great protagonist for this type of story. I want to write a full review of this, because it was so good and interesting, and I think it wasn’t what I was expecting, but in some ways it was better. Finny is a broken boy and we all know I love my broken boys. She did have her flaws, mainly her insecurities, but when it counted, she stood up for herself and her beliefs. But the siding characters she conscientiously mingled with, the connections were stable and unforgettable.

Hannah’s depression and guilt over Lillian’s death is real and believable. While this book had its flaws, it was a somewhat satisfying of a read and succeeded in capturing my interest for the yovanof previous novels. Lillian is a ghost, but she’s not kind and sweet and mild mannered. I really enjoyed the thriller aspect of this story, and no matter how hard I ylvanoff, I could not figure out the identity of the killer.

I have to admit that I was a tad disenchanted with the reveal of the serial killer maybe it’s just because I watch a lot of murder mysteries and I automatically assume EVERYONE is the killerbut the chase to find out still makes the novel totally galentine reading and recommending.