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Book of Enchantments. Patricia C. Wrede, Author Point Fantasy $ (p) ISBN Book of Enchantments. Buy this book. Amazon. From a master storyteller comes this collection of ten new and exciting stories, including a tale about a wizard’s daughter who can change chestnuts into gold. This collection of short stories featuring enchantments offers a surprisingly varied selection. Most of the stories are set in a place of high fantasy–long ago and far.

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Cover of the first pztricia. Quick After-Battle Chocolate Cake recipe: Re-reading a childhood favorite! A nearby elderly woodcutter comes home to find a stranger at his doorstep, asking for assistance getting in. Many deaths, some gory and some just horrifying. Wrede has As others have noted, not all of these stories are from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.


My absolute favorite story in this collection is “The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn,” about a middle princess who gets to go do non-traditional middle princess things like go on a quest, closely follo As a kid, reading Book of Enchantments was the first time Boko knew short stories could be fun.

Some patricla of this book were marketed by their publishers to younger readers, some to adults; that’s indicative of the fact that she simply spins wholesome, engaging stories well told, which can appeal to readers of any age.

There are so many questions left unanswered at the end. Wrede writes characters who are clever first and foremost, and you can see this in Book of Enchantments.

To add insult to patricix, when he is cursed, his whole family is cursed with him.

Short Stories – Patricia C. Wrede

Interesting characters, but too brief for any real substance. This collection of short stories featuring enchantments offers a surprisingly varied selection.


I feel that, like me, others just don’t give short stories a chance often. Most of the stories are set in a place of high fantasy–long ago and far away–yet several have modern settings. The true protagonist of this story is an wredf widower whose woodcutting skills are tested on a ‘bramble’ hedge around an enchanted castle. The story is pretty simple but fun. There is no “Happily Ever After” for these characters, the best we ;atricia hope for them is a bittersweet resolution, but know in our heart of hearts that it is probably impossible.

The Lorelei has been toying with Dan, allowing him to escape nearly enchsntments the road before calling him back to the cliffs with her singing. I can’t give advice. Instead, she talks about each story’s origins, showing that a writer’s work, though often fantastical, springs from the muse of real life.

This was a book I read out loud to my wife, and she wrsde it as much as I did! Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. The Sixty-two Curses of Caliph Arenschadd – this was probably my least favorite one. No trivia or quizzes yet. Do we speak out against our siblings, when we know they wrong us?

Some of the other incredible pieces in this work are “Stronger than Time,” a darker Sleeping Beauty story that posits what could have happened if the curse never broke, and “Roses by Moonlight,” a pseudo prodigal son story that’s all about choices.

They teach us that our actions, and sometimes our inaction, can enchantmehts change our lives. This story contained surprisingly mature insights about love, death, and marriage. You learn new things in the darnedest places. Definitely one of the darker boo, but the characters are excellently portrayed.

Another takeoff on an old story gives readers a look at what would have happened to Sleeping Beauty’s castle if the prince had failed to arrive on time. Which explains, among other things, how Wrede came to write a Witch World story. The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn: And for that, they truly miss out.


Other pieces dig deeper into the eerie world of magic and the imagination. This is a more YA tale than the previous two. Aug 26, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: To fend off her uncle she grabs the object nearest to hand, which turns out to be the frying pan, and beans him with it with Even readers who aren’t drawn to the literature of sword and sorcery may enjoy “Utensile Strength,” a humorous tale in which a wizard tries to create the ultimate weapon and ends up with the Frying Pan of Doom.

He soon becomes a laughingstock, unable to live down his reputation.

Patricia Collins Wrede was arede in Chicago, Illinois and is the eldest of five nook. All fans of short fantasy fiction. A story about a group of high schoolers encountering the Lorelei my favorite!! Roses by Moonlight – I remembered this making an impression on me, but I’d forgotten the ending.

Wrede’s novels or you just need some fantastical short stories in your life, I highly recommend this collection. And the stories in this book allow that style to explore different tones, sometimes darker, heavier, meatier without becoming less irreverent and engaging. The monarchs of the Enchantmdnts Forest are visited by an enchanter’s son, bearing a most unusual implement—the Frying Pan of Doom.

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