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The ‘Davidito’ book online. Posted by Observer on November 03, at In Reply to: Questions for James posted by Observer on November 03, . before i read the full title i thought the book was written by a cult that The actual Davidito went on to murder one of the cult members before. I gave him the Autobiography of PeeWee Gaskins, which is a rare and expensive book. I mentioned that I ran this sub and crimescene and that.

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This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat The idea that David Berg had explained this way:. But Ricky didn’t look up Angela to discuss old times.

Ricky Rodriguez

When Ricky Rodriquez left the organization, there was the intent for him to do well. A message from beyond the grave Ricky Rodriguez was born into a sect that preached ‘free love. Chancellor believes it has moved past that stage now, and while still quite radical, years ago abandoned the idea that children could learn about life through sex.

Personal tools Create account Log in. In the book are photographs and stories of a 3- and 4-year-old boy having sex with adults and with other children his age, photos so graphic we’ve decided we shouldn’t show them to you. It may have been on one such fishing expedition that Berg’s second wife got pregnant by another man. Oh, all this hair! Search Most popular on msnbc.


And, at a time when many new sects sprang up in America, imprinted his with something unique: And he was going to force Angela Smith to tell him where she was whatever it took.

His memories of “The Family” consumed him. He kept rebelling and eventually left the “Children of God”.

And those unusual sexual practices would have been used with him He then drove to Blythe, Californiawhere he shot himself in the head. Was it that pressure and the strange theology of the “Children of God”, that eventually twisted the beautiful boy, Davidito, into Ricky Rodriguez, the troubled man daviditl the videotape?

While the stated intent was not to harm the children, the support for and advocation of pedophilia ultimately wrought harm to many children. Chapter 4, paragraphs 13 and 14, Sara wrote:.

Still some of the survivors began to wonder. He had a chilling plan.

Views Read Edit View history. What a revolutionary life we do lead! The early years davidiro the second generation were influenced by the style of childcare in the book, and sexual liberties were a part of the second generation’s childhood to varying degrees, depending on the commune. Faces that are obscured by drawings are original censorship by The Family to obscure the identity of the involved.


He thought that killing her would make him feel better. Rick moved to Tucson, Arizona and made contact with a long time church member named Angela Smith. Because I can’t go on like this.

Story of Davidito – XFamily – Children of God

And they struggled greatly. So whatever was done in love is above the law. Navigation Main Page Recent changes. He imitated every motion by wiggling his bottom and his right hand up and down, booo went into the house to show Mommy the story of how to goose a girl!

A message from beyond the grave – Dateline NBC | NBC News

It seems friendly, cordial, a young man making a video for friends. They went out into this strange world. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.