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Beer Scoresheet. AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition Program. Structured Version rev BSTR may not be an average of judge’s individual scores. Judge information. Important for two reasons: 1) Identi-ies you to the competition organizer and to the BJCP. 2) Indicates your level of quali-ication to the entrant. By Nick Holt. As a club we have spent a lot of time in mini-comps talking about how to fill in a scoresheet, and I have previously written about.

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BJCP Exam Scoresheet Examples

This was obviously not a great beer, having scored it a Whereas to accurately assess your sneet, they are looking at how close is what the perceive to what they should perceive in the BJCP guidelines. Either write the same sentence without that word, or give an actual quantitative descriptor like low.

That probably lost me some descriptive ability marks. That puts me at You can talk through your process and identify why the beer is like it is. The baltic porter was fairly roasty in malt quality and too intense in quantity to be a world bjjcp example. The third pair were done by another judge who has been with the program for a long time, and recently took the exam scorre. Here is a document that goes into a bit more detail: My secret weapon for this exam was completenessas you can tell by the Master level overall score.

These are the easiest marks to get, you just need to focus on being detail oriented and not miss anything. Notify me of new comments via email.


BJCP scoring sheet | Judges used scoring sheets created by t… | Flickr

You need to do this for each of the applicable components listed in scoer print beneath the section headings pictured below. Target at least one feedback item per scoring guide range they need to pass through to hit 50 pts. I think you can use those scoresheets as a model for how to fill out a sheet.

I achieved a score of 82 on the exam, which is a pretty good score so I think there is some value in reviewing this. They have been sanitized to remove identifying information, but they show precisely what we hope to see in all scoresheets. What makes these remarkable is that not only are they filled out extremely well, but the scores agreed exactly with the consensus scores of the experienced exam proctors. Congrats on the certification! Hommel Homebrew Tasting Exam 2 — A blog post similar to this one where the blogger goes through their exam.

One Two Three Four Five Six Final Thoughts It’s worth noting that all of these scoresheets were done under real time constraints in a high pressure situation, and without the benefit of any discussion to achieve consensus.

The real weak point here was the Feedback. Just my two cents. When writing a score sheet, a judge is writing about what they perceive in a beer.

If you read through my scoresheets you may see some patterns in terms descriptive structure. Go Back to Event Listing.

Becoming a Beer Judge (BJCP)

Alternatively bring your beer and the scoresheet along to BABBs and ask a judge to have a look with you. As an example, a judge might note on a scoresheet than there was no hop aroma detectable.


Overall I was really happy with how my tasting exam went, scoring an 82 on my first write was an honour. Email required Address never made public. The draft guidelines haven’t yet been officially approved, but some competitions, like the Missouri Masher’s Hot Summer Brew Offare already slated to start using the new guidelines this year.

Simplified BJCP Scoresheet for Beer Competitions

Feedback — Did you provide enough constructive suggestions for improvement, and were those suggestions technically correct. Most competitions allow provisional judges to judge. You might find you will smell or taste your beer differently than before. Brewing Since Facebook Instagram. Your email address will not be published. Part of the reason I love beer judging is because I learn something new every time I judge.

Posted by Jay Aber April 01, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In response to many requests, we are providing some examples of what we consider very well done scoresheets that were completed during actual BJCP exams.

This comes with time as you judge more competitions in different areas. You are commenting using your Facebook account.