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At this tutrial the expression you defined, evaluates a statement as either true or false. Add the event next to it and inside the same Lane Help desk agent:.

Bizagi video tutorials

Click Add to define two new String attributes. You need to define how they become active. Name this new Bkzagi as Confirm resolution. In the User Configuration tab, set this user to be a Service agent:. The submitted ticket has been numbered as case 2, and it is currently assigned to user U With Bizagi, you design UI only once.

You can test every scenario for which you designed and configured your workflow in Bizagi Studio. The Help desk process bizagk develop this tutorial starting from its workflow is an oversimplified representation of a real Help desk process. Automation Service provides all the power of the Bizagi Digital Business platform directly in the cloud.

Notice that Report ticket no longer displays an alert because its user interface has been configured. Through the Help desk sample process presented by this tutorial, you can see how different users having separate roleswork with Bizagi, while having ACL s in place to establish well-defined boundaries about what each role may and may not do.


Configuring parameter entities means defining the use of business keys as a best practice oriented to data integrity, performance and integration and security with other systems and providing starting values so they are treated as entities providing parameters in Bizagi. This modifies the default algorithm employed by Bizagi to distribute workload among end users who meet the assignment condition:.

Bizagi Maintenance

The activity’s default Task 1 text highlights and you can rename this shape. When you include the group, it highlights and the cursor becomes active within the text field so that you can edit it.

Fill in at least the minimum required fields Subject, Detailed description or Severityand click Create when done. Close the form and click YES Savewhen prompted to save changes in the form.

Click the Security module, in the left panel, expand its tree of items, and browse its Authorization group:. Once the process diagram is closed, you return to the Process wizard. Click tthe Ticket resolved? Click the OK icon or hit Enter when done. Click the Else when no other option is valid checkbox.


When you click Nextyou see a message that there are no further pending activities. Click New user to these same steps, for a third user. When you have set the fields as non-editable, your form should look like the image below:.

Click Default Assignation users in the upper pane and then click Allow. This tutorial illustrates how you, as a customer, would build those applications with business processes.

This is apart from the default internal system user which is shipped in with Bizagi. Select Private in the Case security drop-down list.

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For the Basic Informationwe suggest that you use:. Click the Copy from option available in the upper ribbon.

You can fine-tune some minor visual aspects of your diagrammed process for clarity purposes. Click the Properties option found in the upper ribbon, to edit the general properties of the form.

To illustrate bbizagi you can build process applications in Bizagi, we will create an application implementing a Help desk process.