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Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide has 3 ratings and 1 review: Published Parp’s Chain Saw Guide: Buying, Using, and Maintaining Gas & Electric Chain Saws. Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide is a must have book for the shop or coffee table. It’s the penultimate chainsaw collector’s handbook, complete with technical . Choosing the right sized saw for you, starting a saw, and safe handling instructions are among the topics covered in this excerpt from a popular chainsaw guide.

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Keep your body just slightly to the left of the plane of chain rotation.

But a good idea, as is a radio or phone- perhaps 2nd best to godliness. In cold weather it might take longer. If the engine continued to run, let it run at half-choke for half a minute and then move the choke to the OPEN position.

Pull the chain around the bar and snap it a few times while pumping the manual oiler. Close the choke chaisnaw the way.

Barnacle Parp philosophy

Pump the oiler every ten seconds to break chinsaw a new saw. Feb 21, Messages: We do some sattin around and one guy roads his yarder down the road, and we all spend time swarping out our rigs. Jun 28, Neil rated it did not like it. May 19, Messages: There are millions of unused cords of dead baarnacle left in the forests every year and that’s not likely to change suddenly.

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Barnacle Parp philosophy |

Get a firm grip with a relaxed arm. Competence and alertness are the operator’s best protection. If your saw or chain is new, add extra oil—the same kind that’s in the saw’s oil tank—by hand at this time. In response to who needs a chainsaw guide- and “if you’re a logger who can tear apart a production saw in the middle of a rainy night, make the parts you need from a beer can and the gaskets from a cracker box, and be ready to cut wood before dawn, you should have something to sit on.


If its quitten time, or your just sick of the BS, anything can make “goin to the house” called for. GologitOct 18, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Always move your saw at least ten feet from the fueling point before you start it. If you want a inch bar, don’t buy a saw that can only take up to a inch bar; get one that can take a inch or a inch bar. Get used to reaching that choke control; there will be a lot of times when you’ll want to turn that thing off without looking at it when you’re watching a tree fall unexpectedly, for example. After the engine has fired, move the choke control to half-choke whether or not the engine kept running.

A chainsaw sounds and smells awful, but it really puts out far less poison than gudie automobile and is far more efficient in fuel consumption. It will also cut meat.

Feb 6, Messages: You should, if possible, avoid working with a chainsaw for more than six hours in one day. At the same time, squeeze the trigger as you pivot the saw on the bumper spike. Start your saw on the ground, not on the log. If you get pinned by a tree, cut yourself, or break a leg, you can blast on the whistle. In other words, look up the specifications for any saw you’re considering.


These two hazards are most likely to occur if the saw is not running at full speed as the chain hits the work, or if the operator isn’t holding the saw firmly.

Snug leather gloves can also help. About now you should be a third of the way through the log. Refresh and try again. Almost all modern chainsaws are equipped with a throttle latch.

Open Preview See a Problem? Use plenty of oil.

There’s always plenty of that: If the fuel cap should cjainsaw off while you’re running your saw, immediately switch the ignition OFF, or kill the engine by choking it to full choke. The common and most useful lengths for most of us are 12, 14, 16, and 20 inches. The book has some troubleshooting tips and a nice chain conversion chart.

The cutting chain can also cause injuries when it breaks. It cnainsaw is extremely unpleasant and it can do a lot of damage before you know it. On those rare occasions when you must operate your saw for extended periods, or if you’re about to become a logger, at least be sure to wear ear protection and take frequent breaks.