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Oil Field Familiarization: Training Guide. Front Cover. Baker Hughes INTEQ, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Oil Field Familiarization. 7 ဇန်နဝါရီ Oil Field Familiarization Baker Hughes INTEQ Training Guide Total page () File size () MB download link. Android ဖုန်းမှာ install. One of the key technological developers for the Troll field, Baker Hughes INTEQ, has been a leading innovator in the Norwegian sector for.

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The merger was approved by both Companies Hugghes and was waiting on approval from several jurisdictions, such as the US Department of justice, on concerns on how it will affect the level of competition, prices and consumer welfare for the global oilfield service providing industry.

To market the new mud, he formed The Milwhite Company in Texas.

Baker Hughes – Wikipedia

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Meanwhile, inOil Base Drilling Company was founded by George Miller, and made its first application of oil base mud. During its history, Baker Hughes has acquired and assimilated numerous oilfield pioneers including: Inthe FlexLock Liner Hanger was introduced, extending the performance range and functionality of liner hanger systems.

Houston, TexasU. Retrieved from ” https: ByPetreco had treaters in operation, but was running into competition from Barnickel and his chemical process. Tri-State was a multi-national technology leader on products like milling operation, spears, and packer retrieving. Competency Maps are an analysis tool and software application that allows users to assess their skills base to identify gaps in their training, areas needing improvement or mastered skill areas within upstream, downstream, and HSE petroleum subject disciplines.

John Eastman introduced “controlled directional drilling” in Huntington Beach, California, using whipstocks and magnetic survey instruments to deflect the drill pipe from shore-based rigs to reach oil deposits offshore. Consequently, we ensure that our technology and services provide maximised performance and minimised downtime in every operation.


BHGE has acquired various different companies, allowing for a wider range of services to customers. This division was called ‘INTEQ drilling fluids’ which provided the premier brands in oil and gas well drilling muds and wellbore cleaning fluids. Inthe Engineering and Research Laboratory was enlarged to accommodate six laboratory sections that housed specialized instruments, such as a direct reading spectrometer and x-ray diffractometer.

Baker Hughes INTEQ

Business data for Baker Hughes, a GE company: The company has worked with the leading players in the Norwegian sector, co-operating closely to develop technology for specific demands: Houston portal Companies portal.

InCicero C. William Barnickel’s Tret-O-Lite business in had outgrown his initial manufacturing plant, so he built a new one in Webster GrovesMissouri.

Faamiliarization company that would become Western Atlas later Baker Atlas grew quickly and familiafization other wireline services, including the gamma ray log in and the neutron log inwhich were developed by Well Surveys Inc.

Accordingly, some of the areas that we are particularly focusing on for the coming years include advanced telemetry to ensure that we get as much data up the hole as quickly as possible. The merger had a deadline of the end of April after which, if a decision had not been made, both companies could walk away from the deal if they chose.

InBaker International acquired the drilling fluids division of Newpark Resources and merged it with Milchem’s mud division to form Milpark. Nic Jepson, business development manager INTEQ Norway, explains that since the company has been active in the Norwegian sector, its drive for innovation has been perfectly matched by the demands of the market: ByHughes Christensen’s Gold Series PDC line increased drilling efficiency by reducing the frictional forces that can accumulate in front of the cutting edge, reducing the energy required to remove the rock.

Retrieved Tamiliarization 5, Baker retired as President of Baker Oil Tools. InBaker Atlas predecessor Lane-Wells introduced the Neutron Lifetime Log service, providing the ability to detect oil through well casing, and initiating the line of Baker Atlas pulsed-neutron logging tools for cased hole logging and reservoir monitoring.

  AR 350-21 PDF

Baker Hughes

The ingenious new facility had six times the capacity of the old plant and was built on a hillside so that raw materials were unloaded from a railroad line on the top of the hill, and the chemicals flowed through the plant using the force of gravity. In this instance, the business worked with StatoilHydro: Baker had arrived in the Hugnes oilfield in with 95 cents in his pocket and dreams of making his fortune in the Los Angeles oil boom.

Halliburton proposed the acquisition of Baker Hughes, which would unite two of the largest U. A year later patented ChipMaster PDCs, known for familuarization efficiency and durability, were built on the success of the Eggbeater product line. Eastman gained notoriety, and respect for directional drilling techniques, when he drilled the world’s first relief well to familiaarization a blowout in Conroe hjghes, Texas, that had been on fire for more than a year. Parts of this article those related to the financial data in the infobox need to be updated.

Due to their key positions in the oil industry this strike by SAFE-organized Baker Hughes Incorporated employees would affect more than a dozen offshore oil installations.

It operates in more than countries [4]providing the hughee and gas industry with products and services for oil drillingformation evaluationcompletion, production and reservoir consulting. In the mids, the company mined barites in conjunction with the Magnet Cove Barium Corporation later called Magcobar.

A competitor with Lane-Wells but possessing deeper expertise and an international reputation in open hole logging, PGAC was the perfect merger partner to form an integrated wireline services company. Undoubtedly, the merger would have led to increased consolidation in the oil services market.

Bythe company had more than logging units and 1, geologists on staff.