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The mile Baekdu Daegan trail traverses North and South Korea. Daniel Adamson treks a short southern section and takes refuge in a. Great Korean Mountain Trails – Baekdu-daegan Trail – An online hiking guide for the mountains of South Korea, and a window to their culture and history. The Baekdu-daegan chain of mountains forms the backbone of the Korean Peninsula. It has always occupied a very special place in the hearts of Koreans.

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The author published a new edition of the book. T he climb from the monastery had taken two days, a steady, breath-by-breath progression up through the woods under full packs.

We both got shots to be immunized against japanese encephalitis before hitting the trail. Mason Email him here. Brochure published by KTO in When we got going at first light it was raining hard, and tfail the end of that hike — cold inside sweat-sodden clothes, drenched and blistered and utterly beaten — we decided to cheat.

Please note that some of the water sources in the current gpx files are a little off. The trail itself was sometimes frustrating. You May Also Like. Even though rice is not always for sale, we were always able to obtain some by asking and if was often given to us for free.


Learn to recognize the work in Korean so you can point it! However here are our top five words that you must learn before hitting the trail: Noodles, cookies and chocolate are usually available.

Why Hike the Baekdu-Daegan? (South Korea)

Show 25 25 50 All. You can find the gpx files on the Facebook group. It is transforming from an ancient pseudo-scientific belief to a modern conception of the theoretical unity of the peninsula and nation, and the ecology of the wildest remaining areas of them. This is how it worked inbut things change all the time! By pre-ordering it, it will already have been activated.

I’ll put the hot water on for you, and start the dinner. Why did we hike the Baekdu-daegan? Communication We both got Sim cards from the company Evergreen for our phones so we could use data and be able to place phone calls.

Therefore, I didn’t know what to expect of the country and of the trail. Jiri-san near its southern end, and the geomantic earth-energy main- stream that in theory runs along it.

Baekdu Daegan Hike – 2015

The thing that blew off my mind the most in Korea was the generosity of the people we met. Hiking in Seoraksan National Park.

Publication of my research-paper on the Baekdu-daegan Region as a fresh green pilgrimage-tourism destination by U. Email required Address never made public.

Korean language skills One of our regrets regarding this trail is not to have studied Korean language more extensively. The bus we boarded two days after getting to Seoul was full of hikers in shiny bright gear equipped with fancy backpacks and poles.


Each baekdu-dwegan I think about my Baekdu Daegan experience, what comes to my mind is not so much the beautiful mountains of Korea, but the warm smile of its people. A new guidebook is suppose to come out in We used our iphones as GPS for orientation on the trail.

Baekdu Daegan Hike – – Marilyne Marchand

It was a primitive, archaic-looking stone thing, eyes fixed on nothing, dark with candlesmoke. Blog we wrote while on trail. It branches off into over a dozen major earth-energy-lines that follow the lesser ranges and channel all Korea’s rivers thirteen major Bbaekdu-daegan, hundreds of lesser ones.

You can pre-order the sim card and have it waiting for you at Seoul airport or other locations. We were always a little disappointed when trai had to leave the trail to go around the closed sections, but these detours are probably when we have had our most memorable experiences in Korea, thanks to the wonderful people we met along the way.