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Among Kurds, Bachtyar Ali has long been a celebrated author. In Germany, he shot to fame when ″Der letzte Granatapfel″ (The Last. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The renowned Kurdish novelist Bachtyar Ali received a prestigious prize for literature in Germany’s Dortmund. Venue: Stadtgarten, Venloer Straße 40, Cologne Combined ticket for Bachtyar Ali and Mazzaj Rap Band: 8 €, reduced 5 € Doors open

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Having narrowly escaped death’s grip, it emerges that Jaladiti Kotr is able to travel back and forth between the spheres of life and death, passing from this world to the next, between ideal and real worlds, poetry and reality.

After decades of solitary confinement in a desert prison, former Peshmerga fighter Muzafer Subhdam is released. I have been known to Kurds since Mansion of the Sad Birds.

We writers and intellectuals are called upon to counter this development,” says Bachtyar Ali. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Escape helps us to question our “normal” world order and to see a nationalist partitioning of the world — which still prevails despite globalisation — as inhuman.

Unfortunately, many Western readers know very little about bachthar Orient and its history. I am not, of course, talking here about a Messianic salvation or a historical salvation in the Marxist sense.

The two novels of Ali’s that have made it into German have been translated by Kurdish readers out of sheer love for the books. Graham knows this very well Newest Most Read Most Comments. A Kurdish “Doctor Faustus”. How could such an author hide for so long from our book market? Poetry and truth Book review: Birgit Svensson’s biographical account “Murderous Freedom” Qli heaven and hell — fifteen years in Iraq In a skilful blend of fantasy and reality, the author deftly portrays both the world of alii runaway lovers and the confines of a strict religious school.


He left the Kurdistan Region shortly after the Kurdish civil war inand then bacbtyar to Germany. We regularly received threats from different sides; we couldn’t stay in the country any longer.

That really annoys me alo a text should be read without political prejudices. That’s not the half of it. Without real democracy in the Orient, there will be no political solution for the Kurds.

Along with several other writers of his generation—most notably Mariwan Wirya QaniRebin Hardi and Sherzad Hasan—he started a new intellectual movement in Kurdistan, mainly through holding seminars. He was born in Bethlehem and lived by the Sea of Galilee. That doesn’t bring about any change for the Kurds.

Just do your damn job and feed ur own people first and stop your friend stealing money before u enter the world. Fascism is associated with nationalism in the Orient. The book is a drumbeat. Democracy and civil societyKurdsLiteratureOrientalismRefugees. Now he looks out for imprisoned Islamists. Afraz7 th Ed. Feeling free and fighting for that freedom without actually becoming politically active has always been an objective of my work as a writer.


It has recently been translated into German and is proving a major success. Tunisian teachers protesting work conditions demand better pay. He has been living in Cologne since My Uncle Jamshid Khan: I despise all politicians, but I still have great respect for the people there.

Do you think that Kurdish and German readers read differently? Interview with Islamophobia researcher Linda Hyokki “Europe has a problem with religion”. Interfaith initiatives from Morocco to Jerusalem Dialogue by design. The language of migrants Being a stranger in a second language.

Renowned Kurdish novelist Bachtyar Ali receives prestigious lite

We need more cultural work and translations. After the first Gulf War, she leaves the school and sees the changes in the world after a destructive war. Share your stories, photos and videos with Rudaw, and quite possibly the world.

In the footsteps of Jesus Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel. By Said Rezek More. We have to stop casting ourselves in the role of the victim.

Bachtyar Ali

The result is impressive. Related Content The language of migrants Being a stranger in a second language My activities as a journalist and author angered many politicians.

He is a Kurdish novelist and intellectual, a literary critic, essayist, and poet.