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Sham Sacrifice, Positional (i) Spielmann vs Pirc, (D18) Queen’s Gambit Declined Slav, Dutch, 25 moves, Sham Sacrifice, Positional (ii) Spielmann vs . The Art of Sacrifice in Chess has 34 ratings and 2 reviews. Alberto said: Interesting games, but Spielmann tends to bog down in vague considerations not . Rudolf Spielmann, The Art of Sacrifice in Chess, 21st century edition, revised and expanded by Karsten Mueller. (Russell Enterprises, ).

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The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

The form of notation was changed, from descriptive notation e. Interesting games, spie,mann Spielmann tends to bog down in vague considerations not grounded in concrete analysis.

There are indeed some great games here I particularly liked that one against Bogoljubov where Spielmann’s queen ends up on b1. View Printer Friendly Version.

Art of Sacrifice (Spielmann)

Want to Read saving…. Arvid Broddefalk rated it liked it Oct 21, Now,correcting analysis,modernizing the language,and adding new material,that in my opinion is literary vandalism and those who partake in this should be ashamed of themselves.

August 1, Marc. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ruhi Pednekar rated it it was amazing Sep 26, I understand where you are coming from, but I think there can be a right way and a wrong way to do these things. Changing the notation to algebraic and adding diagrams is reasonable,since it does not change the work of the author. Also, he seriously overestimates the attacker’s chances in many positions, and several times this irretrievably mars otherwise sound analysis.



Donald rated it it was amazing Jul 16, P-K4 to algebraic e. Finally, in part 3 or 2?

Perhaps the strongest Austrian-born grandmaster of the20th century, Rudolf Spielmann — defeated such world-class opponents as Nimzovich, Tartakower, Bogoljubov — and even the great Capablanca. My Best Games of Chess, As an instructional manual it’s not of terribly much use: And third, I don’t see why the new chapters would count as “vandalism”; it’s clear that these are wholly new, they are added on after the end of the original material, and it’s completely clear that they are by a different author.

Among the reasons xrt his success was his mastery of the art of sacrifice. Steve rated it really liked it Dec 28, Rob Radford rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Mohammed Elbarogy rated it really liked it Sep 15, It’s probably best to look upon this as a games collection rather than a textbook.


The Art of Sacrifice in Chess by Rudolf Spielmann

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Anton Frisk Kockum rated it really liked it Jan 10, Mohammed rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Drawing on dozens of his own games against such topflight players as Schlechter, Tartakower, Bogoljubov, Reti, Rubinstein and Tarrasch, Spielmann describes and analysis various type of sacrifices: Sarah rated it liked it Feb 21, As for modernizing the language, I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

This form does not yet contain any fields. Reviewed by Dennis Monokroussos. Perhaps the st “The beauty of a game of chess is usually appraised, and with good reason, according to the sacrifices it contains.

Austrian grandmaster Rudolf Spielmann was one of the great swashbuckling players of his era, and spelmann a fine writer on the topic as well. Chessblogger rated it it was amazing Aug 02, August 4, David Gonzalez.