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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 14 Identification Cards Tags and Badges. Reference URL. AR Identification Cards for Members of the uniformed Services Their Eligible Family Members and Other Eligible Personnel. AR Identification Cards, Tags, and Badges. This new regulation— o Replaces AR o Replaces DA Form with DD Form.

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Department of the Army. Washington, DC 25 June This administrative revision, dated 6 August This major revision, dated 25 June Army medals para Army Master Recruiter Badge para c 2. T h e p o r t i o n s affected by this administrative revision are in the summary of change. This regulation provides Department of the Army policy, criteria, and administrative instructions concerning individual military decorations, Army Good Conduct Medals, service medals and ribbons, combat and special skill badges and tabs, unit decorations, trophies, and similar devices awarded in recognition of accomplishments.

It prescribes the policies and procedures concerning United States Army awards to foreign military personn e l a n d f o r e i g n d e c o r a t i o n s t o U n i t e d. Effective 25 July Army Reserve, unless this regulation and establishment of comotherwise stated.

It also applies to retired mand and local forms are prohibited withmilitary personnel of all branches, foreign out prior approval from the Deputy Chief military personnel, and Department of De- o f S t a f fG — 1 t h r o u g h t h e C o m m a n d e rfense civilians, as indicated. Army Human Resources Command.

Proponent and exception authority. The proponent may delegate this invited to send comments and suggested approval authority, in writing, to a divi- improvements on DA Form Recomsion chief within the proponent agency or m e n d e d C h a n g e s refulation o P u b l i c a t i o n s a n d.

All waiver requests will be. This regulation is available.

AR 600-8-14 Identification Cards Tags and Badges

Army internal control process. Contents Listed by paragraph and page number.

Chief, Awards and Decorations Branch, U. Principles and Standards, page 2. Policy, Precedence, and Information, page 2. Order of Precedence, page Supply, Service, and Requisition, page Reporting Requirements and Filing Instructions, page Department of Defense Awards and Decorations, page Department of Defense Service Medals and Ribbons, page Army Individual Decorations, page Process DA Formpage Prepare Award Certificates, page Army Good Conduct Medal, page Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal, page Service Medals and Service Ribbons, page Service medals and ribbons awarded by other U.


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Service Medals and Ribbons Available for Issue, page Appurtenances, Lapel Buttons, and Miniature Decorations, page Lapel Buttons, page Miniature Medals, page Medal of Honor Flag, page United States Unit Awards, page Unit decorations for U. Unit Decorations, page Display and Presentation of U.

Unit Honors, page Badges and Tabs, page Combat and Special Skill Badges, page Identification Badges, page Marksmanship Badges and Tabs, page Process Award of Badges to Army Personnel, page Foreign and Reglation Decorations and Awards to U.

Army Personnel, page Types of Foreign Awards, page Foreign and International Awards, page Criteria for Approved Foreign Unit Awards, page Application for Authority for U. Certificates, Memorandums, and Letters, page Certificates for Formal U.

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Army Decorations – Individual and Unit, page Miscellaneous Certificates, page Memorandums, Letters, and Accolades, page Army Service School Award, page Foreign Badges, page Foreign Decorations, page Internal Control Evaluation, page Addresses for other Services – request for awards and concurrences, page Degree of the Legion of Merit, page United States decorations to foreign military, page Addresses for requesting medals, page Addresses for requesting medals for other Services, page Steps for processing award of the Purple Heart, page Steps for processing award of the Prisoner of War Medal, page Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, page Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal-designated U.

Armed 6000-8-14 Expeditionary Medal – designated U. Armed Forces Service Medal – designated U.

United States military decorations, page Delegation of award approval authority – peacetime criteria, page Delegation of award approval authority to project, program and product managers, and program, page Delegation of award approval authority – wartime criteria, page Steps for preparing and processing awards using the DA Formpage Steps for regultion Army awards certificates, page Clasps authorized for second and subsequent award of the Army Good Conduct Medal, page Steps for processing award of the Army Good Conduct Medal, page Service stars authorized for second and subsequent award of the Army Sea Duty Ribbon, page Steps for processing award of Army service medals and service ribbons, page Steps for processing award of the Armed Forces Reserve Medal, page Steps for processing award of campaign participation credit and war service streamers, page Army badges wrmy tabs, page Weapons for which component bars are authorized, page Department of Defense approved United Nation Medals, page Department of the Army military awards forms, page Campaigns, regulatiob requirements, and inscriptions prescribed for streamers, page Steps for preparing and submitting for an initial 10 USC process, page Steps for preparing and submitting for a reconsideration 10 USC process, page Flow chart for campaign participation credit, page Sample Certificate of Appreciation to employers, page This regulation prescribes Department of the Army DA policy, criteria, and administrative instructions concerning individual and unit military awards.


AR —20 provides implementing instructions for incentive awards, honorary awards and devices, awards from non-Federal organizations, and medals for public service. The goal of the total Army Awards Program is to foster mission accomplishment by recognizing excellence of both military and civilian members of the force and motivating them to high levels of performance and service.