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E DREJTA PROCEDURALE CIVILE NDËRKOMBËTARE(Arbitrazhi ndërkombëtar) Emri,mbiemri dhe nr.i. 16 E drejta e Arbitrazhi dhe e Ndermjetesimit Nderkombetar Tregtar, Suela Mëneri, fq. 17 Hassneh Insurance Co and others v. Steuart. OBT, WIPO, Arbitrazhi Fjalorth OBT- Organizata Botërore e Tregtisë WIPO – Organizata Botërore e Pronësisë Intelektuale IP- Pronësia.

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The proposed lake level of m will therefore lead to flooding of these valleys. Where a solid cone tip is used then a bulk disturbed sample shall be taken from the test zone.

Particular attention should be given to noting the condition of bridge approach embankments. Another important convention is the European Convention on International Commercial Arbitration which is the most important regional instrument. The trial pits diagrams will be plotted at 1: The second call for applications for student mobility at ndwrkombetar University of Salerno http: Bio No content specified. All computer listing shall be in separate volumes.

It is usual that retaining structures will be used in the part of the alignment. It concerns arbitration agreements, the arbitral procedure and arbitral awards. Bachelor in Electronic Engineering. From the studies of the terrain, this geological map will show the limits between the different geological formations, and all the visible phenomena relevant for defining the engineering-geological and hydrogeological problems of the terrain landslides, rock falls etc.

International Arbitration Conventions

From trial pits, at least one disturbed sample shall be taken from each discrete layer. In fact any mitigation measures due to the proposed dam would have been far more consequential on the local environment than simply raising the road. Master of Sciences in Computer Engineering.


In addition to this document, the Sub-consultant shall provide for each investigation of each section of road: Politika fiskale dhe monetare. Psikologjia sociale e mjediseve shkollore.

International Arbitration Conventions

Psikologji ligjore e avancuar. A Logging of all outcrops and unstable areas along the alignment shall be carried out noting the lithological structure, degree of weathering, stratification, direction and dip of all beds. The detailed geological and hydrogeological mapping of the terrain will be done on geodetic bases to a scale of 1: EGIS Route have been awarded a design contract to study alternative options along the affected area of about 4km. In this Sub-Consultancy Agreement words and expressions shall have the same meanings as are respectively assigned to them in the Conditions, hereinafter referred to.

Thirrja per konferencen e 4 2. The Sub-consultant shall keep a daily report describing in detail the progress of the works. Supervision may modify the above mentioned minimum guidelines if it is suggested or indicated by field data and observations. For soils formations, the following laboratory tests will be executed in accordance with BS Variants for the Preliminary design are shown on Appendix 2 The investigation shall provide all the geological and geotechnical information required to enable an economical and safe design of the project.

  BNP B2020 PDF

Cooperation Agreement on Teching Practices

Praktika Profesionale 5 2. Finally, international arbitration is governed by bilateral and multilateral treaties, including bilateral investment treaties or investment protection agreements, providing protections for investments against for instance expropriation, and bilateral friendship, commerce and navigation treaties, which deal only incidentally with international arbitration. Its main focus is as stated in the title, i. Master of Sciences in Information Technology.

ARBITRAZHI by naser morina on Prezi

Whereas on the 5th May the Contractor has provided a Letter of Intent to employ the Consultant for the redesign of the modied alignment. The penetration test should start at the surface just below the granular layers of the existing pavement.

The samples from hard rock should have a dimension H height: After excavating the pit to its full depth and identifying all nderkombbetar distinct layers, a disturbed sample of 20 — 50 kg.

Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again. Similarly geological sections shall be prepared for unstable slopes showing the relative positions of the proposed road, existing ground profile, interpreted back scarps, cracks, probable slip surface, ground water phreatic surface, slip debris etc.

Values of CBR shall be estimated from the number mm penetration per blow using nderkommbetar recommended formula.