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Alternate Qualification Courses FM CHAPTER 7. M a -k s m ai IS ;h if) (;c n 3 sar ic)S (car A FM CO O Z Ui o to HI or. TC is focused on rifle and carbine employment. Every marksman and prepared civilian needs to be familiar with its contents. Let’s dig. Training Circular (TC) provides Soldiers with the critical information for their rifle or carbine and how it How to Build an AR A Beginner’s Guide.

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Additional mechanical training is available in TM to include disassembly, maintenance, assembly, loading, and sight manipulation.

Training is usually conducted in a shorter time frame than at IET. Mechanically sr the weapon Figure is only necessary when the weapon zero is questionable, the weapon is newly assigned to the unit, or the weapon sights have been serviced. These strategies focus on developing the critical soldier and leader skills required for success in combat. The post should be blackened anytime it is shiny since precise focusing on the tip of the front 3-2.29 post cannot be done otherwise.

As the bolt carrier group moves rearward, it engages the buffer assembly and compresses the action spring into the lower receiver extension.

All trainers must understand that rifle marksmanship is not a series of exercises to be trained in a planned sequence. This training should also discuss target acquisition, area fire, quick fire, assuming firing positions, responding to oral fire commands, and safety. This learning decay depends on many factors such as the difficulty and complexity of the ag. Shot groups with inconsistent aiming. Cycles of Functioning The following marksmanship training guide contains the current tasks that are trained in basic rifle marksmanship programs, during basic combat training at Army training centers ATCsand during infantry one-station unit training OSUT.

To apply immediate action, the soldier: Ensure that the magazine is locked into place by quickly pulling down on the magazine. The cause could be the result of one or more of the following: The ra strike zone is a 4-by-4 square designating where the rounds should impact when you aim center mass.


This applies to qualification for the entire unit ag for newly assigned personnel.

The rifle rests in the V formed by xr thumb and fingers of the non- firing hand. The instructor-trainer must understand how to mark shot groupings correctly.

Ejection of a cartridge is an element in the cycle of functioning of the rifle, regardless of the mode of fire. The groups in Figure 32-2.9 that the soldier for each shot group is applying proper firing fundamentals, but is using a different aiming point each time a shot group is fired. Fundamentals of Short-Range Marksmanship The unit’s esprit de corps is significantly raised through the trainers’ desire to improve and demonstrate they are the best.

Tighten the torque- limiting knob 3 until it clicks twice.

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A malfunction can occur when loading the rifle or during the cycle of operation. Standing Firing Position The crosshair is the aiming point for the aiming device and the circle is the point of impact for the borelight. It has a red tip orange when linked 4 to 1 for the M 6, Figurepage The basic firing skills and exercises outlined in this manual must be part of every unit’s marksmanship training program.

Target box and paddle exercise at 25 meters. Ensure M16A1 rear sight is set on the aperture marked L. It also contains the instructional intent, special instructions, and subject areas that should be observed to ensure quality training.

At the same time, the extractor claw grips the rim of the cartridge, and the ejector is compressed. While the bolt and bolt carrier could move rearward only a short distance, more commonly the bolt and bolt carrier recoil fully to the rear, leaving the cartridge case in the chamber. The bottom part of 33-22.9 automatic sear catches the upper hammer hook and holds it FM This is the final phase of the 3–22.9 program and tests the trainer.


When two shots are near one end of the group and the third shot is toward the other end, the number is placed closer to 33-22.9 two near shots Figure The Ml 99 dummy cartridge is used during dry firing and other training 3, Figurepage The instructor-trainer can encourage his soldiers by convincing them to achieve good firing performance through practice.

A damaged extractor or a weak or broken extractor spring can also cause this malfunction.

A suggested train-the-trainer program is outlined below: This exercise measures the soldier’s ability to acquire the same sight picture each time the firer places his sights on a target using iron sights Refer to FM Check for a bad magazine or short recoil.

The firing line is cleared, and he 3-22. downrange to examine the shot group.

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Feeding Figurepage He trains soldiers in the effective use of the rifle by maintaining strict discipline on the 3-22.9 line, insisting on compliance with range procedures and program objectives, and enforcing safety regulations. When slapping up on the magazine, be careful not to knock a round out of the magazine into the line of the bolt carrier, causing more problems. Will PRI be performance-oriented?

The twist of the M16A1 rifling is not sufficient to stabilize the heavier projectile of the round. The gas generated by the rapid burning of the powder forces the projectile from the cartridge and propels it through the barrel.

Local instructor- trainer training courses and marksmanship certification programs must be established to ensure that instructor-trainer skills are developed.

The mounting procedures are identical for the M16A4 and M4-series modular weapon systems. Additional technical information on troubleshooting malfunctions and replacing components is contained in the organizational and direct support maintenance publications and manuals.