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Make Browsers Cache Static Files With mod_expires On Apache2 (Debian Squeeze) This tutorial explains how you can configure Apache2 to set the Exp. Enable it with “a2enmod expires” if you’re using Ubuntu or Debian – afterwards restart Apache): mod_expires.c> ExpiresActive on. It might be as simple as missing one keyword that is causing your issue. ## EXPIRES CACHING ## mod_expires.c> ExpiresActive On ExpiresByType.

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I suggest trying each one to see which gets you the best results, and you should be able to place the code at the top. If you have multiple file types that should expire after the same time after they have been accessed let’s say in one weekyou can use a combination of the FilesMatch and the ExpiresDefault directives, e.

That is not normal behavior, so it seems like it’s either something with your code or your server that is causing this.

Allow public access to a file in a protected directory using. General Settings page How to access phpmyadmin after wordpress installation? When visiting a website, the website will cache in your browser. What to do here?


How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess

It looks like there are no questions about this page. Your name or email address: To allow browser caching, you would need need to configure this on the external caching server. I need your inputs on below: So we cannot go by the 2nd testing result like creating a new fileWe have epiresbytype make this work for old files also.

Get your subscription apxche. Hello Kumar, Sorry for the problem with the expire headers. This allows the viewer to see the webpage faster since the file is “cached” and they don’t have to load a new copy of it.

apache – How to set browser cache to expire after one day? – Webmasters Stack Exchange

I understood that if the file cached in proxy then we need to clear from prxy end. When I add the mod expires lines I get a error but if I remove it everything works fine I haven’t found any tutorial though so that’s why I’m asking you where and how can I setup expire headers for css, png, jpg, Thank you very much! It should begin as soon as you add the. The following will explain the Directive types that are used for Cache-Control.

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How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess | InMotion Hosting

After it expired only this expire configuration will work. For information about Expires, check out: This sets the cache to expire to the same duration for each of the file types. In the 2nd testing, i didnt access the file before enabling the expire module hence there was no expire time set because of that its working fine eventhough many times we do modifying. Sign up using Email and Password. This saves bandwidth and makes your web site appear faster if a user visits your site for a second time, static files will be expiesbytype from fxpiresbytype browser cache.

I gather there might not be a good solution to this one Hi John, Thanks for your response. Please note that Apache accepts these time units in both singular and plural, so you can use day and daysaoache and weeksetc. Southparkfan June 1, Hello, I note two things about the recommended htaccess lines. Be sure to fully clear all temporary data in your browser.