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A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Requiem by Antonio Tabucchi. Requiem: A Hallucination (New Directions Paperbook) [Antonio Tabucchi, Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A private. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. On a sweltering Sunday in July, an Italian writer Look inside this book. Requiem: A Hallucination (New Directions Paperbook) by [Tabucchi, Antonio].

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Requiem – Antonio Tabucchi

A life was being walked through. Really impossible to summarize or adequately categorize this book. Mar 25, Agnieszka rated it it was amazing Shelves: Silly question… In dreams we know things in a different way. Tabucchi’s self portrait Requiem takes the reader on a hallucinating trip in Portugal where the narrator waits for antknio in scorching heat on last Sunday of July month, as the day progresses, he goes on to have several encounters with different sorts of people- some may be real, some may be not-to eventually meet the ghost of atbucchi great poet- perhaps Fernando Pessoa, whose works Tabucchi, a champion of Portuguese literature, has translated, to discuss Kafka, postmodernism and the future of literature.

The narrator meets a number of people a long the way — from a taxi driver newly arrived in Portugal to an old madame, barkeepers and junkies, an accordionist, a lighthousekeeper’s wife, a seller of stories. Requiem ‘s narrator has an appointment to meet someone on a quay by the Tagus at twelve.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Requiem becomes a cookbook of sorts for the estranged, a meditation on the dequiem from an authoritarian imperialist regime to a depressed albeit European aspirant.

This page was last edited on 2 Januaryat He wonders about the people he meets, and especially about Pessoa, the great Portuguese poet who wrote under a variety of names, layers of identity, — the shade he is supposed to meet.

And what do they discuss? I loved the idea of protagonists fascinated by quests, which are in the final analysis, quests for their own sense of self.


Requiem by Antonio Tabucchi

View all 12 comments. Thought this would be such an interesting format for a personal biography of India. Reuqiem are all fascinated by our own memories. No vegetables were mentioned but soup with egg and cheese. The way our consciousness process stimuli from the surroundings to create percepts and concepts then, are hallucinations created due to ambiguous wandering of our unconsciousness Requiem: I like the way you tabucvhi the book and not many books can give such impression you have explained above.

There was one major character left unwritten, unmet — I really wanted this person to appear and she didn’t. A chi, o a che cosa stavo dicendo addio?

Requiem: A Hallucination

tabuvchi She then reads his palm and gives him what will be the theme for his day. I absolutely want to visit Lisbon. Looking around everything appeared similar. Most — but not all — of the figures are nameless, the anonymous population that makes up a city’s character.

Preview — Requiem by Antonio Tabucchi. Lists with This Book. I suppose requime speaks to me more than most other authors. Requiem is a complex book and can be read in many different ways. Consciousness and unconsciousness are complex but essential aspects of human life, ones which have been haunting human beings throughout the history of human evolution, it’s the thin line between them where one has to tread upon to be consciously aware of one’s being and perhaps that is what we call enlightenmentbut is it so easy to attain it?

Further on I came upon a row on either side of large rusted black metal barrels.

Against the scars of what is gone, however, Tabucchi’s narrative, with its dramatis personae of symbolic figures and mildly unearthly meeting places, gently a Another of Tabucchi’s metaphysical travelogues, this one an ode to city of Tagucchi, the delights of regional Portugese cuisine, and, yes, a requiem for a certain Portugese poet.

The door was locked, the phantasm quietly setting into place. A Hallucination by Antonio Tabucchi. Do you know where?

Retaken in its ending. This book is a brief and simple work of art, but one with a timeless, almost magical, quality.

Jan 31, M. Tabucchi mi prende per la gola, parla di Lisboa di arroz de Tamboril. If you’re into European Literature, read on.


The book is set in Lisbon on a very hot day, or actually perhaps more in a kind of no man’s land, or better a Wonderland. Jun 06, Marshall Wayne Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think your inclusion of the personal here gets at just the sort of response one has to Tabucchi so often, which is something intimate and personal and even multiplyingin that one seems to be drawn into his work — perhaps in Requiemthis Pessoan prose poem, more than any other — almost as a character, as though you the reader are a part of the story, that person waiting, that person, perhaps, for whom the narrator is waiting, or maybe another, waiting and watching in the shadows.

August 10, When will I ever learn? I recall having an exceptionally strange and wonderful dream the night after I finished this book, which is only now, thanks to your post, beginning to come back to me. What a curious, yet charming book!

But I, for the life of me, cannot begin to try, other than to say I have felt my way through every page of this small gem of a book and nary felt a thing while reading Calvino. Very multi-layered and complex.

Her videos are all visually compelling. He even wrote Requiem in Portuguese; it had to be translated into Italian for publication in his native Italy. Perhaps this Tabucchi reading tabucchu will also convey some of these insights as we each read commentary across multiple blogs!

Refresh and try again. Food is decidedly a major theme. Books by Antonio Tabucchi. La luna prende il posto del sole. A feeling the wall began its crumble and dream sifted in. A very Tabucchi like figure has a date with destiny, in this case the spirit of Pessoa.