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BUILDING MATERIALS There’s enough content in Dawn of Discovery to keep you. WALKTHROUGH exploring from dawn until dusk. But every explorer needs a. I bought the game from GamersGate and got the manual in pdf. You don’t . Take Dawn of Discovery (Anno ), for example. Great game. Anno , also known as Dawn of Discovery in North America, is a game that blends This wiki is divided into four main sections: guides, reference material.

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Dawn of Discovery – GameSpot

These items must be placed in the strongbox of the warehouse on the island you want to affect. Set a goal of 10, 5, or 2, noblemen.

You should also put at least a couple points into Occidental Shipbuilding; this will increase the hit points — and more importantly the speed — of your trading ships, leading to a steadier stream of supplies. First, you can unload resources from your warehouse onto a boat and then either deliver those resources to another warehouse on a different island or sell them to another player.

With only one cart between the ciscovery buildings, it will take forever to collect those resources.

Think of them as copy-protected. Lord Northburgh will tell you that he lost cargo in the water between your island and the mining outpost. If you say yes, then you need to build an alms house to care for them.


This farm requires grassland and produces cattle. At heart, though, this game is all guise creating a small settlement and growing it into a powerful island metropolis that bustles with people, goods, and trade. It creates a construction area for peasant houses, and it satisfies all building needs of the Occident when completed.

You may also want to pay tributes when you have the spare gold. There is a long cooldown between tournaments.

Jump to comments Medium market building gold coins, 3 tons of wood, 1 ton of tools, 3 tons of stonelarge market building gold coins, 3 tons of wood, 1 ton of tools, 3 tons of stone, 2 tons of glass Description: This walkthrough shoots for speed, simplicity, and safety; if you follow its instructions, you should sail through each level with ease.

If space is limited, you may not be able to expand as much as you would like without settling another island. While Helana presents a challenge, the Baronessa and Giovanni are downright fiendish.

Strategy Guides : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive

Costs 1, honor points. Bad decision and more tarnish on an already badly tarnished brand. He does, however, have one of your lost children. Silver and o attainments tend to be more powerful and more expensive, and their effects vary from faction to faction. You may have a forgotten stockpile. You begin with 50, gold coins, 40 tons of wood, and 40 tons of tools.

To reach him, build a small market pima somewhere near the mountain monastery, then build a road that connects the two. Try and ask them about this on the Prima forums and they will bite your head off telling you that they are not going to allow you to distribute their Intellectual property willy-nilly.


Neutral Powers Neutral powers are the residents of conspicuous buildings scattered throughout the islands in Dawn of Discovery. You begin the game with alliances with all active players. Izmir will conduct an experiment and create peima for you depending on the amount of goods you supply him with. And that, in turn, comes with having a large settlement.

Extras lists all the medals, achievements, and bonus content that hide within the nooks and crannies of Dawn of Discovery. There are many ways you can alter your reputation with another player.

Anno 1404 Dawn of Discovery Prima Official Guide Scan

Pearl necklaces Extorts 5 tons of pearl necklaces from trading partners who buy more than 18 tons of pearl necklaces. The Navy Your navy is the most important force you possess. When you first settle envoys, they will not have all the above needs — just coffee. Guy Forcas orders Brother Hilarius to bless the weapons of the crusade. While you are busy building your new housing development, transport some stone from Hookburgh to your main island, and use it to make cobblestone roads.