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Penso quindi gioco: Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Alciato: : Books. Penso quindi gioco: Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Alciato: Books – Penso quindi gioco by Alessandro Alciato Andrea Pirlo (): Books –

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Penso quindi gioco

I read the English translation by Mark Palmer, so some of the following bits might be his editorial decision. View all 5 comments. A whole dose of Pirlo-ism. Penerapan teknologi yang akan kembali ‘memanusiakan wasit’.

Full of hilarious anecdotes and musings of one of the game’s greatest technicians. I complimenti iperbolici pneso sono mai sprecati se riferiti ad Andrea Pirlo, fantasista della Juventus e della Nazionale, ex Milan – con cui ha vinto e rivinto tutto il possibile – ed ex Inter.

Quotes from Penso quindi gioco.

But most of all I enjoyed reading the little anecdotes that made this book interesting. This book consists of the achievements and challenges that he faces.

There are amusing insights into the people in the dressing room, how they are on the pitch and off it. But I was surprised to know how he felt about Juventus.

The story around his career is as beautiful as his ability to curl the ball into the opposition’s net. Becoming a footballer is only the first half of the silent prayer a kid offers up to the sky or confides to his teacher in a primary school essay. This book can be hard to read if you do not have a strong background with coaches, players, and soccer clubs.

Penso quindi gioco by Andrea Pirlo (5 star ratings)

My thoughts often wandered to the Santiago Bernabeu, the temple, a ground that struck terror quiindi opponents. These are a few things that formed Pirlo.


Andrea Pirlo has his opinions and knows quindii to express it or is that the co-author Alciato? When we see the number 21 on his back, we already knew who owns the pfnso. I enjoyed it because it felt like you were him in certain chapters and get to see his world in his perspective. According to his words, he was an ultra. Atau, seperti yang dipikirkan oleh semua orang, kecuali Juve sendiri: To ask other readers questions about Penso quindi giocoplease sign up.

Open Preview See a Problem? Quind covers a lot of aspects related to all notable parts of his football career There are some notable figures mentioned also, mostly from his teammate at Milan, Juventus, or the Italian National Team. A great read by one of the greatest midfielders in the game He and the club had a falling out, unfortunately. Pirlo shares how he got so well at free kicks and when him and is friends mess aroun This book is about a amazing soccer player Andrea Pirlo.

Want to Quindk saving…. Imho, Zlatan has done a better job of keeping the reader engaged throughout the book. I’m not at all surprised that he did not like Inzaghi that much.

They pretend they’ve forgotten we used to wear pointed studs and played with a ball that weighed a kilo. In the evening, I went out and won the World Cup. Pirlo masih di Milan saat itu, dan saya bisa mengulang hidup beberapa kali dan tetap tidak akan menjadi seorang rossonero. Musings about football sprinkled with cultural references. LOL Pirlo on childhood dreams: Cerdasnya, Ia mengolah cerita itu hingga menimbulkan kesan dan reaksi dari pembaca yang kira-kira begini, “Tai, hahahahaha thug life bat.


Glad he didn’t retire then.

He never minces his words. I pictured myself in that white jersey.

Penso quindi gioco : Andrea Pirlo :

I complimenti iperbolici non sono mai sprecati se riferiti ad Andrea Pirlo, fantasista della Juventus e della Nazionale, ex Milan – con cui ha vinto “Per me il gruppo conta tantissimo, ma se mi dimenticassi di me stesso toglierei forza proprio ai miei compagni: I read this book right after ‘I am Zlatan’ and I’m tempted to draw parallels between the two.

Pirlo explaining Barcelona style of play: Pirlo gives such a vivid description of himself that you feel you know him personally and he does the same for some his closest teammates and friends. Pastinya, ide bahwa Pirlo adalah ‘one of a kind’, si narsistik namun simpatik lagi penuh respek pada kawan dan lawan, dan sebagainya, adalah ulah si co-writer, Alessandro Alciato, yang mampu mengelaborasikan buah pikirannya ke dalam kata-kata yang sarat metafora, analogi, dan humor yang tak hanya kocak namun juga mendikte.

Not that I will let it get in the way of my reading had it managed to make me drowsy, but I appreciate how quirky and witty Pirlo is.

Jan 22, Alice rated it it was amazing. These qualities formed the great man Pirlo. It’s not just his candid and fearless way of speaking his mind. Pirlo is particularly fond of Alessandro Nesta as they were roommates and played countless of video games together.