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applications and furniture construction, architects and designers soon discovered the host . ALUCOBOND® offers an instant update to any building facade by. ALUCOBOND® PLUS is used in projects ranging from the precise construction of apartment buildings, high rise buildings, company offices, commercial and. See more ideas about Facade, Composite material and Facades. Alucobond, Colored Aluminum Panels Wall Cladding, Building Materials, Exterior, Projects.

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Thank you for requesting samples of Alucobond. Furthermore the safety in a workshop is higher than on the construction site. Immediately after bonding the adhesion values allow the elements to be transported. The freely selectable panel grid is independent from the grid of the substructure. You can unsubscribe anytime.

alucoboond These images are intended as a guide only. Core materials containing re used core material, which could contain other impurities proven to be detrimental to the integrity and long-term performance of laminated materials shall not be used.

Rear face aluminium sheet to be left in chemically constructiin mill finish condition unless noted otherwise. This entry was posted in Projects. Download Recycling for Future Generations Brochure here. RCM Multipurpose is an A1 non-combustible highly versatile cellulose fibre cement building board, offering excellent strength and acoustic properties.


9 best Alucobond images on Pinterest | Facade, Composite material and Facades

Alucobond Design Brochure Download. Alucobond Urban Design Brochure Download. Once selected you can add other products also, alucobonx please make sure you click on the sample basket at the top of the website to complete your request. First abrading, then cleaning before applying a primer.

HVG Facades has a proven history of facilitating alucobonf supply programs for large corporate rollouts. Here’s what we’ve found interesting. To view technical fixing information please click on thumbnails.

Alucobond Spectra Green Panels Used On Literally Green Building

Please note that these colour swatches are a digital representation only and will not be colour correct. Intusil is a fire rated silicone sealant which may be used to seal movement joints where a fire rating is required. The use of green exterior panels serves as yet another literal and fantastical interpretation of green building. Alucobond Anodized Look Brochure Download. Your email is never published nor shared.

With its commitment to continuous improvement programs for environmental protection, many of which go above and beyond government regulations, 3A Composites ensures they are the leaders in their field. These procedures are now superfluous. A flexible calcium silicate based fibre cement board used primarily for fire rated sheathing.

The surfaces are coated using exclusively high quality and eco-friendly lacquer systems making them weather resistant. The glass components of the exterior reduce electricity costs, by allowing solar infiltration throughout the day. Thank you for your question – we will reply to you as soon as possible.


New facade construction system for ALUCOBOND® panels

Fire performance of external cladding systems. Alucobond Spectra and Sparkling Brochure Download.

Aluminium composite material ACM panels are a lightweight metal cladding ideal for external facades and rainscreen cladding amongst other applications. Please contact us or order a sample to see exact colours. RCM Siltech is a fire rated flexible calcium silicate building board which provides superior workability.

Call or email: By varying the width of the adhesive tape the wind load can be securely transmitted into the substructure. This range is suitable for buildings over 18m. These elements can be easily hooked on horizontal carrier rails which have been fixed into place beforehand on site. The louvers produce both an internal and external ventilation system.

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This website uses cookies and Google Analytics with Opt-Out option. Front face sheet shall be factory pre-finished in colour or finish selected from the manufacturers: