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BONDERITE® M-CR S AERO (ALODINE S) is a brown, metal pre- treatment powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum . Alodine* S is a powdered chemical, used for producing paint bonding, corrosion resisting coatings on aluminium and its alloys by either spray or dip. ALODINE S is a powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum which minimizes corrosion and provides an improved bond for paint.

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All process circulation pump seals, valve seats, door seals, etc. Login to see your most recently viewed materials here. Our representative can recommend the correct deoxidizer 1200x be used. Please contact us at webmaster matweb. Property Data This page displays only the text of a material data sheet. Accordingly, small adjustments in pH should be made allowing 15 minutes to elapse before subsequent adjustment.

The pH of the bath is too low for the concentration selected. Thank you for Requesting a Quote. Add several ml of Indicator 10 and continue the titration until the blue-black color disappears.

Henkel Alodine S | Krayden

What is the difference between these products? Wlodine also letter for some recent input. The rinse should be continuously overflowed and the overflow should be regulated with the rate of production so that the main body of the rinse never becomes excessively contaminated. MatWeb is intended for personal, non-commercial use.

In terms of U. Rinse the lip several times with water and replace the stopper.

Henkel BONDERITE M-CR 1200S Aero Chromate Coating

Support equipment available from Henkel Technologies for this process includes chemical feed pumps, level controls, transfer pumps and bulk storage tanks. Need to contact their agent here alodins Malaysia. Process piping and pumps should be constructed of or stainless steel alloys.


Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the property value to see the original value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units.

Fill the tank about three-fourths full with cold water for each gallons of final solution volume add 6. Keep containers closed when not in use. EPDM apodine be used, but its life will be shorter.

A manufacturer’s certification may be added to any order for a small alodinee charge. If this occurs, increase the amount of nitric acid per addition in small increments to a maximum of 1. Waste treatment and neutralization will be required prior to discharge to the sewer.

Alodine 1201 versus Alodine 1200S

Customer called out Alodine [linked by editor to product info on Amazon] as a replacement for Alodine S. Data sheets for over alidine, metals, plastics, ceramics, alodkne composites. From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: Aerospace Surface Treatment Vendors: Aluminum with corrosion products or heavy oxide coated surfaces should be treated with a deoxidizer prior to the conversion coating treatment step. Multi-Line Order cart view cart. May 17, A. If the post treatment is not heated or the articles do not dry satisfactorily, an indirect fired drying unit or any other means which will not contaminate the treated surface with fumes, oil, or partially burned gases may be used.

After Treatment Water Rinsing: To see MatWeb’s complete data sheet for this material including material property data, metal compositions, material suppliers, etc alpdine, please click the button below.

Subscribe to Premium Services Searches: Please fill out the information below, and we will reply with a quotation as soon as possible.

Hi Can anyone tell me which company produces Alodine After the sample has settled for approximately one minute, titrate with Titrating solution until a straw color is obtained.


Enough heat usually remains from a hot post treatment to cause heavy gauge articles to dry satisfactorily. After cleaning, the metal must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

The following statement, or one similar to it, should be included as part of the process tank labeling. Thanks for the response, I apologize for asking a question that was already answered above if only I’d read carefully through your description.

The deoxidizing step should follow the water rinse and should itself be followed by a separate water rinse.

All items on the order must be in Stock at alodibe New York warehouse. But please note that these solutions are based on chromic acid toxic and carcinogenic “hexavalent chromium”. Will this Alodine or color pot metal, such as a carburetor? Current price and lead time needs to be verified for this item. Phil, Does this agent change the colour or finish of aluminium too? We appreciate your input.

Under the QPL it is qualified for immersion, spray, or brush-on coatings. Part Number Size 2 oz Bottle. The alodins pH for this bath is between 1. Copy of your activation confirmation email provided after you activate service. Shop for Henkel Alodine S Conversion Coating at SkyGeek to get the best price possible on the versatile and effective metal coating.

Part Number Size 4 oz Bottle. If gas fired burner tubes are used, they should be made of Schedule mild steel pipe or equivalent.