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First published: 05 November Reviewing two of the latest reports by social mobility tsar, Alan Milburn and ‘social justice’ champion, Iain Duncan Smith . Alan Milburn’s social mobility report – summary · • Lunchtime summary · • Afternoon summary. Alan Milburn is publishing his report on social mobility. Photograph: Matthew Fearn/PA. am: .. MichaelWhite (@MichaelWhite) May 30, Milburn’s report – the first of three on social mobility commissioned by In , nine out of 10 of those companies were offering vacancies in.

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It seems that regional disparities in being able to get on the professional career ladder are growing.

Alan Milburn: ‘Threat to new era of social mobility’

Many of the UK’s biggest companies have already signed up reprt the Social Mobility Business Compact — this means top employers are agreeing to make their workplaces open and fair. This is Milburn’s first report in his capacity as the government’s independent reviewer on social mobility and child poverty, but three years ago he published a report on access to the professions for the Labour government and today’s document reads like a 212 up. At the time of the riots in Brixton, Bristol and elsewhere, the most incisive analysis of the reasons appeared in The Economist.

It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use. Show 25 25 50 All. Innine out of 10 of those companies were offering vacancies in London. Alan Milburn, the government’s reviewer of social mobility, publishes a report. Here’s the top of the early Press Association story on Vince Cable’s evidence to the Leveson inquiry. He says one particular problem is that students need work experience to get into medical school, but that access to this is “often unstructured and informal.

Here’s an afternoon reading list. And for the next week or so.


I think there are odd universities in milbunr Russell Group alone. The letter has been signed by 68 chancellors, governors and university presidents, including those representing a number of elite Russell Group institutions, such as Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Warwick, Leeds, York, University College London and the London School of Economics.

And the short answer is: Also, he did not want to upset his Jewish mother, who had been in Auschwitz: That’s it for today. There is a real opportunity. Alan Milburn is publishing his report on social mobility. It is an interesting argument that of the universities only 19 are capable of producing excellent graduates. Freedom of information requests mkbility by the Financial Times have established that only three out of 17 cars in the Brussels and Washington embassies were built in this country.

We have switched off comments on this old version of the site. The justice secretary told the Leveson Inquiry politicians were influenced by a “noisier and noisier” press, claiming newspapers could “drive weak governments like sheep”.

It means that others — perhaps with equal or better claims on a career in journalism — are excluded from consideration.

It considers how these opportunities have changed sincewhen Alan Milburn issued a call for action to employers and Government to tackle molburn to fair access. Someone who has always worked collegiately and taken a positive and supportive approach and the only one of the three shortlisted who has made a massive contribution to Liverpool Labour Party and the success we currently enjoy.

Alan Milburn: ‘Threat to new era of social mobility’ | Society | The Guardian

Over recent years, the political parties have made some progress on selecting women and candidates from minority ethnic backgrounds. Find out more about cookies. As for the rest of the papers, here are some stories that are particularly interesting. So it is no coincidence that the s saw an unparalleled social mobility in Britain and that coincided with an upsurge in professional employment. At the moment electoral law does not allow an MP to job share. Welcome a report from Alan Milburn, the government’s social mobility reviewer, which says that the professions generally remain a “closed shop” see Alan Milburn publishes social mobility report: You can read all today’s Guardian politics stories here.


In seven countries, it can carry the death penalty. What were you doing?

What these regions akan going for them from an employer’s perspective is there is a youthful labour market and a cheaper labour market. The Cabinet minister said: As usual, I’ll be covering all the breaking political news, as well as looking at the papers and bringing you the best politics from the web.

Child poverty set to rise, says social mobility commission

He said that politicians should take less notice of the papers and that the Sun had not had a significant effect on an election in his lifetime. If the pundits and economist are right, then there is the potential for another big social mobility dividend today because the British economy is changing, it’s becoming more professionalised.

In some cases the legal sector is at the forefront of driving activity aimed at changing access to professional jobs, whether this is through co-ordinated outreach programmes or by introducing socio-economic data collection. Here’s the full agenda for the day.

If there is transparency accountability follows. We have whole areas of our cities in which many of those looked-up to in society commute to the places in which they do their valuable work.

So they don’t even get to all of them. News Politics Politics live with Andrew Sparrow. Is this page useful?