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May 15, AirPrime WS Product Technical Specification. & Customer Design Guidelines. The Sierra Wireless AirPrime® WS packs all the radio, processing, memory, and software you need for essential M2M connectivity into a miniature 15 x AIRPRIME WS Smaller Than Ever. Drawing on 15 years of experience in M2M, Sierra Wireless introduces the smallest wireless module ever conceived.

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I know this is dependant on motor usage etc. JS Local Storage – restricted.

AirPrime WS6318 – Dual-band GSM/GPRS voice and data module

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Downloads: Support for the streaming of media encoded in the 3GP envelope, with the H codec. Chipset Vendor – restricted. Bluetooth, for example, is supported by many cell phones and is relatively easy to program, but its range is very limited. CSS Columns – restricted. The ability to display a PNG image embedded in a mobile web page, using a tag such as img or object.

The web browser supports the SSL protocol. Network Protocols CSD – restricted. JS Web Workers – restricted. Primary organisation creating not necessarily assembling the device. Number of SIM card slots the device is equipped with. The device is distributed with Bada OS pre-installed.


Sierra Wireless AirPrime WS (WS) | DeviceAtlas

Support for the streaming of media encoded in the MP4 envelope, with the H codec and in Level 1. EDGE – restricted. CPU Name – restricted.

HTML Canvas – restricted. The device is capable of making VoLTE calls. Chipset Name – restricted.

The controlling station could send tones entered from the keypad to transmit a command, but I don’t aorprime whether the GSM module can actually transmit these tones to the Arduino. JS Web Sockets – restricted.

Some browsers might have a variable memory limit based on the memory used by other applications, in that case 0 will airpfime used.

Hi, I’m new to the Arduino community and electronics in general. CSS Transitions – restricted. Add Thread to del. However, bold design ideas have continued to bump up against the size limitations of cellular modules.

Operators Get a sample of our TAC data. NFC – restricted. Memory Limit Embedded Media – restricted. I don’t absolutely need the live streaming audio feedback, but it’s a nice to have. Ws6138 ability to display a GIF87 image embedded in a mobile web page, using a tag such as img or object.


WS Price & Stock | DigiPart

The time now is The device is a television. The browser supports the canvas element. GPRS – restricted. Leading the industry in M2M innovation While Sierra Wireless is widely recognized for the most advanced cellular solutions, the AirPrime WS is designed to serve a different set of requirements, providing M2M connectivity in the smallest, simplest package possible.

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The total number of addressable pixels in the vertical direction of a rectangular display when held in its default orientation. The device is capable of connecting to WiFi networks. JavaVM Midp – restricted.