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The AIGA/Aquent Survey of Design Salaries is the most comprehensive annual survey of compensation data for the communication design profession in the. According to the AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries released this week, designers’ salaries rose slightly in , ending a decade of. 1. Median total cash compensation – 4. Careers in design. What can designers do to improve their prospects? 7. Advice from design professionals.

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Select observations about our profession Prev Next. Account Manager An account manager is responsible for client interactions and account management without supervisory responsibility. The AIGA Aquent Survey of Design Salaries for draws on an extensive pool of designers and others allied with the profession and includes responses from more than 8, design professionals. Results for solo designers are provided in a separate table.

AIGA | Aquent Survey of Design Salaries

The timing of this increased demand, already visible in some larger firms, will depend upon a broader acceptance that the Great Recession has bottomed out—a turning point that even economists are reluctant to declare yet.

All financial and administrative staff report directly to the operations director. This survey is part of a comprehensive program of AIGA activities developed to serve the professional designer with strategies for success. Writers may also be responsible for strategic and conceptual development of messages and stories.

Solo Designer A solo designer is a freelance or self-employed design professional who works independently of a company and has no employees.

Think of design as your foundation, not just your destination. The survey instrument is very similar to the version.


The balance can be found in non-traditional settings like architectural firms, nonprofits or salariea development firms. Account Services Director An account services director is responsible for client interactions and direction of a staff of project managers to ensure that design execution remains on strategy. There are indications that firms are busy because they have not replaced workers who had been released during the start of the recession.

Among in-house design departments, a considerable aga of work that was once undertaken internally has been outsourced in order to reduce headcounts. Project Manager, primarily print A project manager, primarily print is a manager whom a majority of their work is with the print medium.

A valuable employee must: Junior Designer, primarily print A junior designer, primarily print is a designer for whom a majority of their work is with the print medium. Message What did you want to learn?

Beantown Web: AIGA Aquent Survey of Design Salaries |

Good designers design a lot. Advice from survey respondents Prev Next. The survey began more than two decades ago as an expensive aig of data, usually acquired only by employers seeking to gauge their own competitiveness.

The mission of Beantown Web is to provide information about Web Shrvey training and career opportunities in the greater Boston area. Salaries are often a result of the economy. Simply access the Salary Calculator to review the compensation data for 15 design-related positions in your part of the country.

Operations Director An operations director works for a mid-sized or larger firm and is responsible for issues related to financial management, human resources, contracts and legal matters, technology resources and facilities.

Think like an owner. PDF Desivn survey reveals what is actually paid in the marketplace; it is not a recommendation on pay scales. Become cross-functional in digital and strategy. Do you have a suggestion about other data we should aurvey collecting for next year or have a comment on other things you would like to see?


Art, business, culture and technology are constantly changing and shifting in terms of professional development and worth.

AIGA | Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2010

This survey was conducted on behalf of AIGA, the professional association for design, and its partners, Aquent and Communication Arts magazine, as part of a comprehensive program of activities to serve the professional designer by providing sources of inspiration and strategies for success. Beantown Web is now on Facebook. Ten design professionals from across the ov were asked to share their advice on surviving during challenging economic times.

This realization—and the deep passion designers have for bringing head, heart and hand to problem solving—assures the long-term strength of the profession. Its new division, Vitamin T, provides small, mid-sized and ad desiyn clients with faster, easier access to in-demand interactive talent. User Experience Designer A user experience designer is a designer with expertise deesign human factors that impact interactive experiences. Let us know 2100.

One quote was a headline grabber. The role ensures the right resources are in place, from designers to developers to copywriters and more, so that the interactive produced is visually compelling and able to drive revenues. How does my income compare with others?