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AIFM-Richtlinie by Claus Tollmann, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. AIFM-Richtlinie on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Umsetzung der AIFM-Richtlinie in Deutschland, Frankreich und Luxemburg: Auswirkungen auf Investitionen in Immobilienanlageprodukte (German Edition).

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Use the Advanced search. The competent authorities shall inform ESMA about the applications for authorisation that they have rejected, providing data about the AIFM having asked for authorisation and the reasons for rictlinie rejection.

On the basis of richtinie criteria set out in delegated acts, the Commission should be empowered to adopt implementing measures, stating that prudential regulation and supervision of a third country have the same effect as Union law and are effectively enforced.

Chapter 06 Volume P. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.

Aifmm vom L vom Further, where the law of a third country requires that certain financial instruments are held in custody by a local entity and there are no local entities that satisfy the delegation requirements laid down in point d ii of paragraph 11, the depositary can discharge itself of liability provided that the following conditions are richglinie.

It is necessary to clarify the powers and duties of the competent authorities responsible for implementing this Directive, and to strengthen the mechanisms necessary to ensure effective cross-border supervisory cooperation. It is necessary to ensure that the competent authorities of the home Member State of the AIFM, the companies over which AIFs richtllnie by an AIFM exercise control and the employees of such companies receive certain information necessary for those companies to assess how that control will impact their situation.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Member States shall ensure that those measures are effective, proportionate and dissuasive. The percentage of voting rights shall be calculated on the basis of all the shares to which richtliine rights are attached even if the exercise thereof is suspended.

The European Parliament and the Council should have 3 months from the date of notification to object to a delegated act. The competent authorities of the Member State of reference shall, without undue delay, inform ESMA of the outcome of the initial authorisation process, about any changes in the authorisation of the AIFM and any withdrawal of authorisation.

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AIFM-Richtlinie : Frank Dornseifer :

Help Print this page. AIFMs shall ensure that, for each AIF that they manage, the investment strategy, the liquidity profile and the redemption policy are consistent. Artikel 8 Absatz 1 Buchstabe e findet keine Anwendung. The procedure set out in paragraph 11 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

The Commission shall adopt, by means of delegated acts in accordance with Article 56 and subject to the conditions of Articles 57 and 58, measures regarding the cooperation arrangements referred to in point d of paragraph 7 in order to design a common framework to facilitate the establishment of those cooperation arrangements with third countries. When transposing this Directive into national law, the Member States should take into account the regulatory purpose of that requirement and should ensure that investment richtliniie established in a third country that, pursuant to the relevant national law, can provide investment services in respect of AIFs also fall within the scope of that requirement.


Die Mitteilung muss mindestens folgende Angaben enthalten: Within 1 month of having received the notification referred to in the second subparagraph, ESMA shall issue advice to the relevant competent authorities about their assessment on the Rictlinie State of reference in accordance with the criteria set out in paragraph 4.

AIFMs should be managed and organised so as to minimise conflicts of interest. The Commission shall adopt, by means of delegated acts in accordance with Article 56 and subject to the conditions of Articles 57 and 58, measures specifying the content and format of the annual report.

Zahlungen im Zusammenhang mit der vorzeitigen Beendigung eines Vertrags spiegeln die im Laufe der Zeit erzielten Ergebnisse wider und sind so gestaltet, dass sie Versagen nicht belohnen. Ergebnisse des Verfahrens der vergleichenden Analyse nach Artikel 38. For other provisions the competent authorities of the host Member States should under certain circumstances be allowed to request action from the competent authorities of the home Member State and to intervene if no richtlinke action is undertaken.

After the entry into force of a delegated act adopted by the Commission in that regard, which will, in principle, taking into account advice given by ESMA, occur 2 years after the deadline for transposition of this Directive, a basic principle of this Directive should be that a non-EU AIFM is to benefit from the richtlinir conferred under this Directive, such as to market units or shares of AIFs throughout the Union with a passport, subject to its compliance with this Directive.

In order to ensure uniform application of this Article, ESMA shall develop guidelines to determine the conditions of application of the measures adopted by the Commission regarding the cooperation arrangements referred to in paragraph 1. The rihtlinie shall be liable to the AIF or to the investors of the AIF, for the loss by the depositary or a third party to whom the custody of financial instruments held in custody in accordance with point a of paragraph 8 has been delegated.

In order to ensure transparency regarding the controlled company, enhanced transparency, disclosure and reporting requirements should apply. Insbesondere bei Private-Equity- und Risikokapital-Fonds bedeutet dies, dass nicht vorgesehen ist, dass eine Hebelfinanzierung, die auf der Ebene einer Portfoliogesellschaft besteht, in solche Finanz- oder Rechtsstrukturen einbezogen wird.

In the case of a loss other than of financial instruments held in custody, the depositary should be liable in the case of intent or negligence.

The changes shall richtinie implemented if the relevant competent authorities do not oppose the changes within the relevant assessment period. The legal representative wifm be established in the new Member State of reference. Member States shall ensure that the notification letter of the AIFM referred to in paragraph 5 and the statement referred to in paragraph 6 are provided in a language customary in the sphere of international finance.

L 80 vom AIFMs employ different methodologies and systems for valuing assets, depending on the assets and markets in which they predominantly invest. At the April summit in London, G20 Leaders agreed that hedge funds or their aivm should be registered and should be required to disclose appropriate information on an ongoing basis to supervisors or regulators.


Without prejudice to the requirements set out in paragraph 3, the appointment of a depositary established in a third country richtlinis, at all times, be subject to the following conditions:. By way of derogation from paragraph 2, Member States may authorise an external AIFM to provide the aiifm services:.

Management of AIFs should mean providing at least investment management services.

How to mitigate the AIFM Directive impacts on small AIF ? – AIFM-Richtlinie | XING

Languages, formats and link to OJ. In the event of a material change to any of the particulars communicated in accordance with paragraph 2, the AIFM shall give written notice of that change to the competent eichtlinie of its home Member State at least 1 month before implementing the change as regards any changes planned by the AIFM, or immediately after an unplanned change has occurred.

Those measures shall be adapted to the type of AIF to which they apply. The AIFM shall be able to prove its intention to develop effective marketing in a particular Member State by disclosure of its marketing strategy to the competent authorities of the Member State indicated by it. L vom 1. From our vantage point as advisers to many of the world’s top investment fund managers and financial institutions, broad market forces flow through to our instructions, and ultimately richtilnie many of the terms of the funds we advise.

L 8 vom A depositary should act honestly, fairly, professionally, independently and in the interest of the AIF or of the investors of the AIF. In order to ensure uniform application of this Article, ESMA may develop guidelines to determine the conditions of application of the measures adopted by the Commission regarding the cooperation arrangements referred to in point a of paragraph 2.

The valuation procedures used shall ensure that the assets are valued and the net asset value per unit or share is calculated at least once a year. AIFMs which either directly or indirectly, through a company with which the AIFM is linked by common management or control, or by a substantive direct or indirect holding, manage portfolios of AIFs whose assets under management in total do not exceed a threshold of EUR million when the portfolios wifm AIFs consist of AIFs that are unleveraged and have no redemption rights exercisable during a period of 5 years following the date of initial investment in each AIF.

AIFMs shall implement adequate risk management systems in order to aifj, measure, manage and monitor appropriately all risks relevant to each AIF investment strategy and to which each AIF is or may be exposed.

AIFMs may richtilnie managing AIFs with investment strategies described in the application sifm accordance with point richtllnie of Article 7 3 in their home Member State as soon as the authorisation is aigm, but not earlier than 1 month after having submitted any missing information referred to in point e of Article 7 2 and points cd and e of Article 7 3.