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The A function generator and all associated options will be The Keysight Technologies A func- . Operating manual, service manual, quick. Agilent A. 20 MHz Function /. Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Service Guide . Publication Number (order as manual set). Agilent A. Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator .. trigger from the rear- panel Trig In connector, a manual trigger from the key, or a software (bus) trigger .

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Used only when the Internal modulation source is selected PM: Page 50 characters. The edge time is then agipent. Front-Panel Menu Operation This chapter introduces you to the front-panel keys and menu operation. Page Chapter 7 Tutorial Creating Arbitrary Waveforms For example, consider an arbitrary waveform consisting of 10 cycles of a sine waveform.

3320a The default is INT. Page Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; high level changed due to low level You can set the levels to a positive or negative value, but note that the high level must always be greater than the low level. Chapter 7 Tutorial Direct Digital Synthesis The A represents amplitude values by 16, discrete voltage levels or bit vertical resolution.

Agilent Technologies 33220A User Manual

In some cases, the amplitude limits are determined by the output units selected. Agklent rear-panel connector is used in the following modes: Each character can be a letter “a” The default is OFF. Tutorial In order to achieve the best performance from the Agilent A, it may be helpful for you to gain a better understanding of the internal operations of the instrument.

This generic message indicates that the offset voltage has been limited to an upper or lower boundary. Although the APPLy command provides the most straightforward method to program the function generator, the low-level commands give you more flexibility to change individual parameters.


After the specified number of cycles have been output, the function generator stops and waits for the next trigger. This command returns a string in the form: Page Chapter 5 Error Messages Command Errors Program mnemonic too long Manuual command header was received which contained more than the maximum 12 characters allowed.


Page of Go. To set the output frequency, press the Freq softkey for the selected function. PER command and then change the function to sine wave, the specified period will be used for the new function. Index affect on amplitude 63 PM 85 load termination 35 PWM 93 offset affect agilrnt amplitude 63 tutorial description amplitude limitations 60,local language, help 28 modulation depth AM 77,local operation LAN modulation depth, percent modulation arb waveform limitations 61, logarithmic sweep Chapter 5 Error Messages Command Errors Program mnemonic too long A command header was received which contained more than the maximum 12 characters allowed.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. This is the frequency at which the signal on the front-panel Sync connector goes to a logic low during the sweep. Select the source of the modulating signal. This information is not directly related to waveform generation but is an important part of operating the function generator. All characters are converted to upper case. For example, if you are currently outputting a 20 MHz sine wave and then change to the ramp function, the function generator will automatically adjust the output frequency to kHz the upper limit for ramps.

To avoid multiple waveform changes, you can enable the burst mode after you have set up the other burst parameters. Chapter 7 Tutorial Burst connector can be configured as an output to enable the A to trigger other instruments at the same time as its internal trigger occurs. 33220w an internal or external FSK source. The interface will self configure. For the latest specifications, Power Supply: Another way to set the limits of a signal is to specify its high-level maximum and low-level minimum values.

Chapter 3 Features aiglent Functions Phase Modulation PM Phase Deviation The phase deviation setting represents the peak variation in phase of the modulated waveform from the carrier waveform. Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Burst Mode Waveform Frequency The waveform frequency defines the repetition rate of the burst waveform in the triggered and external gated modes.

A query of this register 3320a a decimal value which corresponds to the binary- weighted sum of all bits set in the register. Also, a remote front panel interface is provided, which allows you to control the instrument over the network. Burst Mode Overview The following is an overview of the steps required to generate a burst.

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Cross-isolation UART framing error Chapter 3 Features and Functions Frequency Sweep Sweep Trigger Source In the sweep mode, the function generator outputs a single sweep when a trigger signal is received.

Index definitionpulse width modulation 93 rack mounting kits 30 SCPI duty cycle deviation manuwl, radians command terminators modulating frequency ramp waveform language overview modulating source 98, symmetry 65, parameter types modulating waveform 95 range hold ,anual, SCPI command reference Used in the internal triggered burst mode only.

Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Frequency Sweep Start Frequency and Stop Frequency The start frequency and stop frequency set the upper and lower frequency bounds for the sweep. Disable or enable the burst mode. MIN selects the most negative dc offset voltage for the selected function and amplitude. You can select a sine, square, ramp, pulse, or arbitrary waveform noise is allowed only in the gated burst mode and dc is not allowed. Quick Start One of the first things you will want to do with your function generator is to become acquainted with the front panel.

Refer to the Agilent A Service Guide for more information on the calibration procedures. The commands used for FSK are listed on the next page. To set the waveform period instead, press the Freq softkey again to toggle to the Period softkey. Select whether the function generator uses true-high or true-low logic levels on the rear-panel Trig In connector for an externally-gated burst.

Chapter 5 Error Messages Arbitrary Waveform Errors Not able to delete a built-in arb waveform You cannot delete any of the five built-in waveforms: Command Separators A colon: For the A, you do not have to change the length of the waveform to change its output frequency.