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The Corus PTZ is a key element in the whole Actaris chain, from the meter to the billing data, because it converts the actual volume measured. For each FLUXI TZ and DELTA meters, correction according to pressure, temperature and compressibility factor (meaning the transformation in real. CORUS is an electronic volume converter dedicated to commercial and industrial applications. It converts the actual volume measured by the gas meter to.

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Two 2 operating pressure range are available: Corus PTZ manages two conversion factor alarms: The time closed of the volume pulse outputs can be programmed its default is value of ms.

Corus Gas Volume Corrector | Gas Flow Computers | UK

Corus PTZ manages three temperature alarms: Pb Actatis Z The reference pressure Pb and the reference temperature Tb must be programmed into the device. When the connected device initiates a communication, it corue to take in account a wake up time of a few milliseconds.

The input pulse weight can be chosen among the following values: It can withstand an overpressure of 1. Then, this alarm is set as long as the external supply is not present. The alarm outputs can remain active: A hinge on the left of the box makes any operation on the field very easy, providing a clear access to all major parts of actarls product terminals, switches, internal battery,… Corus PTZ is built with three electronic boards: When such an alarm occurs: Qualified personnel are those who, based on their training and experience, are capable of identifying risks and avoiding potential hazards when working with this product.


The presence of an optical head is magnetically detected. Aactaris operates at baud, baud, baud, baud. LF input pulse weight? For each event, following data are available: The non-metrological firmware can be updated in the field without stopping operations and without breaking the metrological seals MID. Press OK to confirm.

The temperature measurement period is programmable from 1 to 30 seconds. Contact us to get a quote or a custom-tailored demonstration with one of our business advisors.

This alarm is not metrological and is dedicated to the control of the whole metering chain. From this screen, a long press on the ‘OK’ key launches a test of the display. coeus

These two actions are mandatory to achieve a correct water tightness of the enclosure. The tamper input can be set into one of the following modes: Then, when Corus PTZ detects that an input is actariis in its normal state, the corresponding alarm is generated.

The ‘OK’ displays the date and time, as well as the firmware version numbers. At a programmable period from 1s to 30s if the display is actzris same period than P and T acquisition?

  JBL 2044G PDF

Proofreader of volume of gas SEVc-D (Corus) PTZ, TZ, Itron (Actaris).

Its volume input is a low frequency one that can be connected to any Ex compliant gas meter that provides such information. If Corus PTZ is in operation during the change, a pressure alarm will be generated.

The pressure sensor intends two 2 holes allowing to seal and link the sensor with the meter installation. Solenvis continue to supply meters and services to RWE nPower.

Site Quicklinks Water Meters. This port can be used for serial asynchronous start-stop half-duplex communications.

The temperature sensor has an IP67 protection degree according to EN and is delivered with a cable length of either 2. The corresponding marking is: You may have a signal barrier in between to separate the safe zone from the hazardous zone. The capacity of the interval log extends from all optional fields dorus to no optional field selected.