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Source: ABNT NBR NM-ISO РSafety of Machinery РSafety distances to prevent danger zones being reached by the upper limbs. Figure 1. ABNT NBR NM ISO Norma T̩cnica ABNT NBR Arena T̩cnica. July 3rd, РNorma T̩cnica ABNT. Source: ABNT NBR NM-ISO РSafety of Machinery РSafety distances to prevent danger zones being reached by the upper limbs.

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Some machinessuch as mechanical presses, eccentric presses and injectors, also have specific standards that should be considered.

This annex establishes references to safety distances and requirements for the machines and equipments in general. Safety Distance — d s. The light curtains shall be installed so that its detection area covers the access to the danger zone, with care taken not to provide spaces for the dead zone, i.

Baixe gratuitamente este artigo em PDF. To correctly determine which standards should be evaluated in conjunction with NR 12, it is necessary to conduct the risk analysis and review all applicable standards. Other light curtain installation characteristics, such as a parallel approach, approach in angle and dual-position equipment shall meet the specific conditions provided in ISO We offer an independent inspection of machines and equipment with services that include design assessment, manufacturing and use, safety testing, functional testing, compliance with national and international standards and technical documentation.

The 3rd third position can be actuated through a pressure point; the required force shall not exceed N three hundred and fifty Newtons. Our Conformity Assessment Services We provide manufacturers, importers or end-users of machines and equipment with the following conformity assessment: Email Digite seu e-mail. Driverless trucks and their systems; EM Safety of industrial trucks. The main objective of the standard is to ensure that safe machinery and equipment is inherently safe by requiring complete information on transport, use, maintenance and disposal.

Safety of Machinery and Equipment According to NR 12 | VIKON

The opening of the nbrnm-so can be activated, provided that the risk of falling product in process is controlled, with actuation of foot switsch to the 3rd third position nhrnm-iso releasing nbrnm-isk to the 1st first position. Have the complete technical documentation.

Conformity assessment approach NR 12 First the manuals and designs of the machine or equipment are compiled. The tests shall be performed with a test gauge provided by the AOPD laser device manufacturer, which consists of wbnt piece of plastic with sections of certain dimensions for this purpose, according to Figure 3. In order to properly design a product and meet all specific safety requirements, we identify possible hazards and performs a risk assessment, then designs, manufactures and commissions this consideration, in accordance with ISO The compliance with NR 12 is mandatory for all new and used machinery and equipment.


Then we perform a complete compliance assessment of the machines or equipment and review nbrnm-kso documentation. It is also necessary to study and implement applicable national and international standards to thoroughly evaluate all risks associated with machinery or equipment. 1352 test shall be performed with a handle — cylindrical part with 14 mm fourteen millimeters of diameter of the test gauge, as shown in Figure 3.

The AGV must be designed to suit its purpose or function, and can be adjusted and maintained without putting people at risk when used under the conditions envisaged by the manufacturer.

Benefits of our NR 12 compliance nbrnm-iao With the help of our NR 12 conformity assessment services for machines and equipment you will: Sinova is part of the Study Committee CE This means that, in order to provide nbrnn-iso safety for workers, it is not enough to meet the requirements of NR Get to know our NR12 conformity assessment services for machines and equipment according to the mandatory requirements.

In respect to the detection capacity of the light curtain, at least an additional distance C in Table IV shall be used when calculating the minimum distance S. C Requirements for the use of optoelectronic laser presence detectors — AOPD in hydraulic press brakes. ISOSafety of machinery — The positioning of protective equipment in respect of approach speeds of parts of the human body.

On hydraulic press brakes equipped with AOPD laser that uses a foot switch to actuate descending movement, it shall be of safe and have the following positions:. In addition, the section of 15 mm fifteen millimeters in thickness of the test gauge shall pass between the tools. In other cases, the instructions should draw the user’s attention to modes of use in which AGV should not be used. These criteria are also applied in the manufacture, importation, sale, exhibition and leasing of equipment, in all economic activities, taking into account other regulatory standards NRapproved by Decree number 3, July 8, and official technical standards andIn the absence or omission of such standards, applicable international standards.


The section of 35 mm thirty five millimeters in thickness of the test gauge placed on the matrix — the lower part of the tool — shall not be touched during the high-speed descending course of the hammer. Machines with a pneumatic system must comply with ISO and those with a hydraulic system must conform to ISO Compilation of documentation and revision. Demonstrate the safety of your machines and equipment.

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Safety of Machinery and Equipment According to NR 12

The purpose of this procedure is to eliminate the risk of accidents over the expected AGV service life and that of its systems, including assembly and maintenance phases, in which the risk of accidents can also stem from abnormal yet predictable situations. Get a better understanding of the requirements established by NR Reaching over protective structure.

Eliminate danger ant reduce risks as much as the project allows design and construction of safe machinery ; take the necessary protection measures related to risks that cannot be eliminated; inform users of any deficiencies in the protection measures adopted; indicate if any specific training is necessary and; provide operating and maintenance manual.

The applicable standards are confirmed.

Safety – Sinova

We provide manufacturers, importers or end-users of machines and equipment with the following conformity assessment:. Additional requirements for automated functions on trucks.

Testing system in hydraulic press brakes equipped with optoelectronic laser presence detector:. Driverless industrial trucks and their systems; EN Safety of industrial trucks. Inspection at the final installation site. Issuance of test reports. There shall be no interpolation of the values given in Table 2. Inspection of machinery and equipment in accordance with other Brazilian standards or applicable international standards.

To become compatible with Brazilian legislation on the safety of machinery and equipment. Verify the detection capacity between the tool tip and the laser beam — the closest to the tool. Contact us to learn more about how our NR 12 compliance services can benefit your business.