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The term invention has historically encompassed strategic acts that provide the rhetor with direction, multiple ideas, subject matter, arguments, insights or probable judgments, and understanding of the rhetorical situation.

Another characteristic form of Zen rhetoric is the surprise. They have also diversified the types of messages circulated.

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There can be a discussion concerning how to arrange the only social vs. How deep everyday life is digitalized and what are the main consequences of such a reality represent questions of utmost actuality. This particular situation applied not only to Romania, but to the vast majority of the Eastern European countries, were a young generation of journalists with little.

Rhetorical invention is the first canon of the art of persuasion. In other words, Zen converges with artistic forms of manifestation rather than with those strictly scientific. She coordinated a research project on a NCSRHE grant about professional genres used in business and public administration settings. Consequently, both the state and society placed some events above others because the more media outlets covered them, the more important those particular events could rank among the audience Williams Up to a point, this split led to a sort of reporting diversity, which, finally, fell into the digital divide as non —professionals started to air amalgamated, unreliable scraps of facts under the title of news, a discouraging concoction of unreliable, unidentified sources and personal feelings.

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The minimum was reached in March with 72 posts due to the inter-semester holiday. The weekend days, when there are many activities outside the Facebook post record a significant decrease. In the United States of America, during the 40s and 50s, empirical studies on mass communication were conducted.

A first and major change in the communication paradigm was the emergence of social networks that expanded at a dazzling pace, once the new digital platforms could connect anyone, anywhere.

IRT was not developed specifically for crisis communication, but it fits very well, since a crisis is a reputation threat. The imagistic material it managed to make available for the researchers was the basis of some of the centenary discoveries in astronomy. Crisis managers use dissociations in the attempt of reducing the threat a crisis poses to reputation. The newly hired had to deliver form their first hour on the job.

Emerging areas of interest Communication Science is a relatively new science that deals with the research of human communication, both interpersonal and mass communication. For example, one dissociation is individual-organization.

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The major shortcoming is that most people criss-crossing the info sphere have little or no notion at all about communication, as such. She has published a number of papers on translation in both Serbian and English in the fields of translation theory, translation pedagogy translation and translator competence and fincea criticism, as well as a book on translation of American substandard language varieties. Stasis and kairos do not perform separately, they function inter-dependently.

She has more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer, and is a founding member of The European Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Research. In terms of human capital, the lack of initial qualification in the field was observed. She is a Lecturer in English for business communication and intercultural business communication with the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.


The Rhetorical Situation Both kairos and stasis point to the situatedness of crisis, since crises always happen in a specific situation. Firstly, in the vast majority of the situations, Romanian politicians simply do not have a spokesperson, a professional one, to talk for them in the front of the media and in the public space in general.

Comparative rhetoric tries to show that worldwide there are different manners of rhetorical manifestation. Using stases, PR practitioners can cover a wide range of communication strategies, from conjecture to procedure: The opening of the conference was streamed live, allowing thus an increased participation to the plenary sessions which set the tone and the level of presentations.

That has been a major concern ever since optic fiber, satellites and the new digital platforms started to facilitate instant communication links among almost all humans. His main areas of research include applied linguistics, communication science, translation science, intelinguistics and language technology. One of the causes for this is demography, since Romania reported low birth rates starting with the 90s.

This was happened, usually, with no trace of hesitation on the part of the involved parts.