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Publication RMA-EN-P – May Preface. Designing Manual, publication PM for information and sample code to handle faults. Use the. Logix Controllers Function Block DiagramCatalog Numbers ControlLogix, 3Publication PMC-EN-P – October .. pm_-es-p. Publication PMI-EN-P – January Preface. Purpose of this Manual. This manual guides the development of projects for Logix controllers.

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To provide communication for a ControlLogix ppm001, install the appropriate communication interface module into the chassis. Number of Axes, per Controller, Max. You need Ultraware software for drive and indexing configuration.

1756-SG001K-EN-P, ControlLogix Selection Guide – Mid

Remote access to controllers. You do not need to seal the opening where the sensor cables enter the enclosure, create custom connectors, or wire to those custom connectors. The L6x controllers support a removable CompactFlash card for nonvolatile memory. The Logix system integrates sequential and motion control to bring unmatched flexibility to machine design and unprecedented efficiency to the manufacturing floor. ControlLogix Redundancy Product Profile. The Logix platforms provide a common control engine, programming software environment, and communication support across multiple hardware platforms.

It contains the function block, sequential function chart, and structured text editors. You indirectly determine the number of connections the controller uses by configuring the controller to communicate with other devices in the system.


The ControlLogix gateway integrates into existing PLC-based systems so that users with existing networks can send or receive messages to or from other networks. These catalog numbers end in an H, such as IE8H. See the appropriate catalog or selection information for a drive to make sure you select the appropriate option when specifying a drive for a specific network.

Determine the view products that fit your operator interface needs. For example, use the generic module configuration to set up communication between a ControlLogix controller and a CN1 ControlNet communication module. Resolution Ranges RTB — To connect to other networks, bridge through another ControlLogix chassis not one of the redundant controller chassis. It is a protocol designed for robust, distributed control of process control applications.

Communication Rate DH Dimensions HxWxDApprox. Programs are cross-loaded automatically from the primary to the secondary controller, and the primary automatically updates the secondary with data changes to maintain controller synchronization. These chassis are designed for horizontal-only, back-panel mounting. Pn001 interface modules 3 Select communication modules. Course content can be repeated to continuously refresh knowledge and review important information.


RSTestStand Lite software lets you create virtual operator consoles that can help test your application code. This communication module Supports this number of connections CN2, CN2R any combination of scheduled and unscheduled You must order them separately.


ControlNet software to schedule network components. The DeviceNet network uses the proven Common Industrial Protocol CIP to provide the control, configure, and data collection capabilities for industrial devices. In addition, an XT control system spaces modules p001 every other slot for thermal cushion and offers redesigned ventilation for increased air flow.

pm_-pt-p – Documents

Supporting the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture, FactoryTalk View software is part of the scalable and unified suite of monitoring and control solutions. For this use, a controller pm001 not required.

These high-performance controllers provide a common control engine with a common development environment for all control disciplines. RSLogix Emulate software supports all the programming languages ladder diagram, function block diagram, structured text, and sequential function chart.

Communication Rate Operating wavelength: For example, if you estimate you need 2 MB of memory, select a controller with 4 MB of memory.